While You Were Sleeping

And another week trundles to a halt. It's Friday and this is While You Were Sleeping, where you can catch up on the news overnight. Have at it chums.

How did your valentine's day go? Since the US is slightly behind us time-travelling Australians, we're starting to get a few posts about valentine's day... after our valentine's day has passed. We couldn't resist this cuteness of this kid's X-Men valentine card. Our black hearts were melted. Smelted even.

There's a new Mario & Luigi RPG. I quite liked this series of games. Apparently this one takes place within Luigi's dreams. [INCEPTION BWAHM].

You'd strike down giants for this Skyrim shield and coffee table, this is a brilliant tribute to Windows' greatest MIDI hit, and — this could be the big one — is this a blurry tease for Just Cause 3?

In Short New Mario & Luigi RPG Will Take Place In Luigi's Dreams A Blurry Tease For What Might Be Just Cause 3 You'll Kill Giants For This Skyrim Shield And Coffee Table Combo This Child's X-Men Valentine Is Just The Most Adorable Thing This Tribute To Windows' Greatest MIDI Hit Is Like A Tiny Time Machine


    Also, System Shock 2 is now available on GOG. This makes me happy!

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