While You Were Sleeping

Hello everyone. Welcome to a new week and a new While You Were Sleeping, although this is more like a look at what you might have missed over the weekend. Let's boogie.

Obviously the big news coming in overnight is the 'reveal' of Bungie's new game Destiny. While is less of an actual reveal, more just Bungie actually opening up and talking about the game. Pretty much nothing has been shown and I find that pretty disappointing. But hey — people will eat it up regardless. You can find it stuck to the top of the homepage.

We had a couple of nice 'best of' style features. I think the most useful might be the 10 Modern JRPGs worth playing, mainly because I think there is this belief that the JRPG is on life support. Not so, claims Jason Schreier. Also, who doesn't love Minecart levels? This is a look at some of the best.

I love this picture of Atari founder Nolan Bushnell digging in the desert! Some of The Witcher dev team have described Skyrim as 'generic' and the latest celebrity golfer in the new Tiger Woods game is Satan!

In Short The Latest Celebrity Golfer In Tiger Woods PGA Tour Is Satan, Apparently Atari's Founder Goes Digging In The Desert, But Not For E.T. Skyrim Was Generic: The Witcher Devs Discuss Flaws Of Open World RPGs The Most Insane Minecart Levels In Video Games 10 Modern JRPGs Worth Playing


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