While You Were Sleeping

Alrighty, I'm really bloody tired! Technically I feel like I still am sleeping, so While You Were Sleeping, the whole past tense thing, almost doesn't make sense. Time to snap out of it and get talking about the news!

I think this will be the most popular read for the more tech orientated gamers among you — it's a look at Nvidia's new graphics card. The headline was enough to grab me — what's most impressive about Nvidia's new graphics card is how it sounds? BUT THAT DOESN'T MAKE ANY SENSE! WHY?! Then I clicked on the story. These guys and girls know what they're doing.

Speaking of opposite land, what the hell is this? In Japan the PS2 is getting more expensive. How is this possible? It's supposed to be the other way about. I am so confused. And old.

Imagine being threatened with legal action over a Counter Strike map. IMAGINE THAT! Remember Shadowrun? Now remember this bizarre 1990 promo for the game.

And finally, here are some new Transformers toys, just for the hell of it.

Stay frosty people.

In Short What's Most Impressive About Nvidia's New Graphics Card Is How It Sounds Believe It Or Not The PlayStation Is Getting More Expensive In Japan He's Getting Threatened With Legal Action Over A Counter Strike Map The New Beast Wars Begin With Optimus Prime And Predaking Shadowrun's 1990 Promo Is A Strange Wonderful Thing


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