Who Does The Harlem Shake Better, Call Of Duty Devs Or Battlefield 3 Players? You Decide.

Up above, we've got the Harlem Shake as done by 64 people in Battlefield 3, footage brought to us by YouTube user TheHazardCinema. And below, the opponent: Infinity Ward doing the Harlem Shake.

Who does it better, though? I'm leaning toward the Battlefield players because it's so ridiculous to see the characters like that, but the Infinity Ward rendition is rather silly — and that's worth something. I can't choose!

What I do know is, of course they're arguing about quickscoping of all things in the comments of the Infinity Ward video. Of course they are.

The Harlem Shake HD | vIW [InfinityWard]

Battlefield 3 EPIC 64 Man Harlem Shake [TheHazardCinema]


    Its not every day you can feel stupider for having learnt something new. Thanks for the education on what the Harlem Shake is.

    I guess this is some new meme? Just as good as the last one.

    I guess when you have a cookie cutter game you have time to do this.

    Every time something like this becomes popular I shake my head at how stupid the human race has become

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