Who Needs Ken Block When You Have Grand Theft Auto?

You know those car videos? The ones where Ken Block gets in some super powered car and drives around a course really, really fast and make a lot of noise? Then they cut to super hi-res, super slow motion as he sort of drifts around and misses a traffic cone by millimetres? Yeah, as much as I'm not really into cars, those vids are really fun to watch. As is the above — a Grand Theft Auto IV video that takes all of those tropes and puts them into the game itself. It's pretty incredible.

It's testament to the detail of Grand Theft Auto IV (and also the mods) but there were times when I legitimately forgot I was watching a video game and just succumbed to the gymkhana experience. Also — it reminded me of just what an amazing space Liberty City was. Regardless of what you think of Grand Theft Auto IV as a game (and I loved it) you can't deny the sheer quality of the city itself — the detail, the look, everything.

I really, really love this video.

Thanks Paul!


    Who needs Ken Block?

      Exactly, he was a failure on the WRC. His videos are a masterful bit of editing, and repeated shooting to get the 'right' shot. You want to watch some entertaining driving? How about some Ari Vatanen: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=J-K1B4sTX4o Or what about ALL the drivers who drove the Group B weapons: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=bAbv07cJC9A Those things were ( and to my mind are) the F1 era of WRC, 890kg cars pumping out 450+ BHP and driven by virtuoso's such as Walter Rohl and the Female Driver and Co-Driver pairing of Michèle Mouton and Fabrizia Pons, and don't forget the actual stig, Stig Blomqvist. I could go on.. (and on and on) but I'll just let those videos do the rest of the talking... and the beautiful beautiful noise....

      If you can get hold of it, I recommend the BBC Documentary callled Madness on Wheels, Rallyings Craziest Years

      Yeah.. this is a video game, albeit a dated one.. nobody can deny what awesomeness Ken has brought the motorsport world and better yet what his company has done for extreme sport promotion and clothing.

    Should have killed the helicopter with the car.

    Should have turned into a transformer at the end. Really well done but. Captured that gymkhana feel very well

    Absofuckinglutely amazing. Perfect as an homage, as a stand-alone machinima and as a tribute to GTA4's modding capability!

      fkn AMEN!!! this is freaking awesome!!!!!!!!!! So well done i cant believe it!!!

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