Why Deadpool Is The Best Character In Avengers Alliance

Why Deadpool Is The Best Character In Avengers Alliance

I’ve been playing far too much of Marvel’s Avengers Alliance on Facebook lately, or maybe I’ve been playing the right amount, as I had just enough command points to recruit the fourth wall-breaking Merc with a Mouth into my party. Now it’s really a party.

Deadpool, previously a PVP unlock in the turn-based superhero role-playing game, was recently made available for all players to purchase for a meagre 135 command points, the in-game currency used to recruit characters. Upon purchasing him he mentions how much of a rip-off Wolverine is at 90. Command points well spent.

Wade Wilson really shines in battle. For one, every time he’s hit the “Green Numbers” pop up. When his turn rolls around, he regens health for every instance. Using his sharp pointy things puts him into OP (overpowered) mode, which allows his Bang Bang Bang power to do increased damage against buffed foes.

While not in action, Deadpool randomly uses his laptop to complain in the forums, getting enemies nerfed; hacking enemies (which initiates the Banned from PVP debuff); or liking friends and enemies alike, giving them Pretty Cool Guy status.

Unfortunately I couldn’t capture my favourite Deadpool moment in the video — at certain moments in battle he’ll Level Up, gaining the Level 16 Ranger buff. I have no idea what it does. I don’t really care. It’s a good time.

We’re getting married. You’re invited. She-Hulk isn’t.


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