Wii U Owners Freak Out About Rayman Going Multiplatform

Wii U Owners Freak Out About Rayman Going Multiplatform

There are some who would say the decision to bring former Wii U exclusive Rayman Legends to other platforms was a smart business decision. There are other, slightly crazier people — like those in this video — who would use the word betrayal.

This is 17 minutes of user comments left on Rayman’s Miiverse page, showing that, well, fans of the series who also own a Wii U aren’t exactly happy about the decision.

I get it, the delay stings, but it’s a delay. Not a cancellation. Given other major publisher’s stance on the Wii U they’re lucky they’re getting a promising third-party title at all.

Miiverse Reaction to Rayman Legends coming to Ps360 [Wii talia, via Go Nintendo]


  • I think complaining about a completed game being delayed for around half a year is pretty justified. If the dev post on NeoGAF is legit it seems even the devs are pissed (and rightly so). I’m personally not too worried about it all but understand how people could take issue with this.

    • Let’s say you own Ubisoft and you were in this situation. Would you:
      A. Waste twice the money marketing the same game on two seperate dates
      B. Release now on a console that not a lot of people have
      C. Release the Wii U first and Xbox/PS3 later and most likely break even
      D. Eat Cat Food

      It sucks some people don’t get to play the game early but it’s all about money. We should be lucky that there is even a sequel, the game barely sold.

      • I would also add

        E. If the game happens to be shit for whatever reason (small chance of happening), they can avoid having the negative perception linger, as most people don’t buy games that were critical bombs, even if they come out later on different platforms.

      • the problem is that it was one of the reason a lot of people actually got wiiU, PLUS! people have pre-orders blah blah blah

        I have no issue with them releasing the game all at once but to be 1 month away from one of more anticipated wiiU releases and then they delay it 6 mothns is nothing short of a prick move. Make this decision a year ago and everyone would have been happy. Stupid really

    • I agree, it’s a terrible situation and Ubisoft are to fully blame. I am going to trade in all my Ubisoft games and only buy Ubisoft games second hand (if I need to). Ubisoft don’t deserve gamers money for there lack of respect. Not 1 more cent from me Ubisoft.

      P.S and if they delay is due to MS rules, that should be the system that misses out. MS is strangling the console market and getting away with it (while Ubisoft deep throats them for course). No other company uses such anti competitive rules.

      • … Looking back at the Nintendo direct from the 23 January, Nintendo knew this was coming ….. It was not a show of strength, but more a desperate plee that games will arrive EVENTUALLY…

      • Exactly what rules are those?!! Ubisoft is an independant publisher, I’m note certain they are swayed by any of the hardware manufacturers.

        • That multiplatform games must launch at the same time or first on Xbox or not at all. It’s well documented, do some reasearch, you’ll be surprised.

  • Having an attitude of “they should be lucky they’re getting anything at all” is a bit harsh. The Wii U is already struggling, and having Ubisoft, one of the only third-parties who actually supported the console, effectively pull that support out, is only going to weaken the perceived value of developing for Nintendo in the eyes of other third-party companies.
    Why couldn’t they release Legends for Wii U on time, and then for other platforms in September? At least a few months of exclusivity would help. I don’t want to see Nintendo go under.

    • Agreed release the finished game and then when the port is done release it on the other consoles.

      I think maybe the fact they have to advertise two separate launches (a big cost) rather than one campaign for all platforms at once MAY have something to do with it.

      • While this likely has something to do with it i feel its more about percieved value.
        If they release the wiiu version now then in september when the others are out the game will be seen as an old release and have less value in the eyes of consumers.

        So instead they delay the wiiu version till all are ready.

        A lot of psycology in game releases sometimes.

        • ^ THIS

          It would be just like Batman or Mass Effect 3 showing up on the Wii U months after their initial release, despite the fact that these are great games everyone decries them for being “year-old ports”

    • Exactly. Ubisoft didn’t bother waiting to release AC3 all together, so this double-standard shouldn’t stand. Their excuse that they think all the different platforms’ games need to be released simultaneously has no precedence, especially when you consider their treatment of PC games.

      • The thing is AC series makes a shit load of money I think it’s like 10mill+ sold each game. Rayman is a much smaller release and seller.

    • I wonder how Luke would have reacted if the situation were reversed where an exclusive game for the PS3/Xbox360 were to be delayed at the last minute for simultaneous release on the Wii U even though it is essentially done and is ready for release… 😛

  • I like the degenerationx drawing someone did there.
    I was going to buy this on either ps3 or 360, I was over the moon when it was made multi platform.
    But I’ll join the boycott just to support the wii u owners, though in a few weeks it’ll probably be forgotten and in September they’ll buy it… another forgotten cause.

    • I guess the only saving grace is that there might be even more content added to it during this extra time – I’d rather have it now though because I doubt it will even get my attention during september.

      • I highly doubt that they’d be adding anything extra in though. But hey, who knows? May as well keep our fingers crossed 🙂

  • “There are other, slightly crazier people” more of a reason why Luke Plunkeet isn’t a real journalist and didn’t even bother to research this issue.

    1. ) The game as of RIGHT NOW is FINISHED. They aren’t releasing it because it would be easier to market if they all came out at the same time.

    2.) If you think this is a “Good business decision ” then you are either ill-informed or painfully stupid. If you are ill-informed I will let it pass because all you heard was “more consoles so better for the consumer and the company.” That’s a usual reaction to multi-platform games. But, do you know when the new release date is? September. If you knew this and still think it’s fine, then here is where you learn that you are painfully stupid. Guess what else comes out in September? I’ll give you a clue. It’s made by Rockstar. If you have limited money and you only could choose one game for the month of September then of COURSE you will pick GTA5. Why ? Because we already know it’s going to be a good game and we will get our monies worth. Plus the multiplayer allows us to play with our friends and dick around. If you think this is untrue, then look at sale figures for the month of November when Call of Duty/Halo come out. Anyone else gets destroyed and the number and facts are on my side. That’s why everyone avoids that window if they are smart. Same thing with GTA5. You do not try to compete for market share the same month as GTA , CoD, Halo, and anything that sales insanely well.

    3.) There was a post on a Spanish forum about how Ubisoft pulled a team Bondi on their employees. Some Dev (Who wants to remain nameless in fear of his job.) came out and told us what was actually happened to them and how they made them work unethical hours to make the new release date of February. I would post a link, but I am not going to do so since I know Luke would just re-post it and make money off of it. This way he has to actually, you know, semi-work for his paycheck.

    4.) The release date for Rayman was set in stone for 1 year. The game was due to be released and at the last minute they said “Oh, never mind. It just isn’t worth it.” This would anger fans who might have bought a Wii U to just play this game. I know some people did that because Rayman Origins was just an amazing game. Even the Andriod/iPhone game is doing AMAZINGLY sale figures wise. We all know that the Wii U is not going to getting any real “amazing” third party games other than ports. People who bought the Wii U day one is going have to rely on Nintendo for their first party titles. Guess what? That’s what happened with the Wii and will again with the Wii U. So, you can see why fans are angry. (Before you say Bayonetta 2 isn’t a First Party Title so they will get that. Again, wrong. Nintendo is paying them to make it. It’s basically a First Party Title made by a Third Party Developer with their IP. Because SEGA was not going to pick up Bayonetta 2 due to how the sales figures for Bayonetta 1 wasn’t “that” amazing. It’s SEGAs own fault because how poor their marketing is. They couldn’t market a free blowjob to a 36 year old virgin.)

    So yes, that’s why people are angry and they have every right to be. Again, please do your research before you post.

    Btw, just a little disclaimer. I do not own a Wii U nor will I due to money and the fact that I have converted my preferred console of choice to the PC. I will not be picking up a Xbox 2, PS4, or a Wii U due to how expensive the console/games are. I prefer to update my pc (which cost more in the long run. My new PC cost about 1k-1.2k which is almost 4 times higher than a console) because I can go to Steam/GreenManGaming/Amazon/Gamefly/GamersGate etc and download games for as low as 2-10 or high as 15-20. Which in the long runs saves me a lot more money than any retail copy of a console game. Even used they are 20-30 dollars.

  • Also, before people say “It didn’t sell well”, Ubisoft has already said that Rayman Origins made a profit and it will more likely be a title that becomes a franchise.

    As of right now Rayman Origins on VgCharts Global sale figures are:

    3DS – 27,216
    Wii – 417,655
    PS3 – 718,789
    360 – 554,620
    Vita – 290,131
    PC – Does not have a number due to online sales not being tracked. But with steam sales I bet it’s high. Also there was a retail version in EU which were not tracked as well.

    Grand Total – 2,008,411 which is probably larger due to un-tracked PC sales.

  • Luke Plunkett you completely missed the point about the controversy all together, The fans are not mad that Legends is now multiplatform, they’re mad because Ubisoft developers indicated that the game was finished and ready to be shipped. But an 11th hour decision to make the game multiplatform mean’s Wii U owners are the ones getting punished for no reason when they had previously been told the Exclusive was set to be released this month.

  • To everyone saying this is entirely Ubisoft’s fault, including some of the developers, might I bring to your attention some information pertaining to the Xbox 360:

    Microsoft’s Content Submission and Release Policy details its third-party publisher guidelines.

    “Titles for Xbox 360 must ship at least simultaneously with other video game platform, and must have at least feature and content parity on-disc with the other video game platform versions in all regions where the title is available,” it reads.

    “If these conditions are not met, Microsoft reserves the right to not allow the content to be released on Xbox 360.”

    Ubisoft’s decision to release the game multi-platform most likely left them open to Microsoft acting like some spoilt little child demanding that they get everything at the same time as everyone else, if not before. (as is the case with a lot of DLC)

    It’s a bad situation all round but I don’t think Ubisoft is solely to blame here. . .

      • I don’t think it applies to handheld titles or title’s that the decision was made to port them after the release. For example the launch of the console version of Revelations is coming out on all consoles simultaneously. . .

    • So why did the PS3 get Retro City Rampage first by about 2 months? Why does the PS3 get Battlefield DLC first? Why do you get all these extras on PS3 when you buy Asassins Creed games (despite the series always selling better on xbox!)

      I’ve heard of the same conditions but I don’t think they’re hard and fast rules.

      • I do not think the rules apply to independent games like Retro City Rampage and I believe that both Sony and Microsoft have different guidelines on those. Once again DLC is a different beast and it could simply be that EA offered Sony an time advantage on their Battlefield DLC to combat the advantage Activision gave the 360 for it’s CoD DLC. Additional extras, that might just be Sony paying Ubisoft for some unique extras to persuade people to buy it for the PS3 because as you said, the series always sells better on the 360.

        To be entirely honest I would not be surprised if Sony has a similar policy in place to Microsoft for it’s retail games. I don’t want people to take this as me taking a shot at Microsoft, It just seems like the only logical reason Ubisoft would postpone a completed game for over half a year is if they had no other option but to. . .

  • I understand the issue if the point of it being called an exclusive then only to have it ported to other consoles…

    Obviously theirs business reasons for porting but they should have dropped the exclusive status from the start.

  • I agree, all those Rayman Fans who ran out and dropped $400 on a Wii U only to play this game have no right to feel betrayed by soulless Ubisoft trying to save a few bucks.

  • Nobody is pissed about it going multiplatform, I think it’s great. People are pissed because
    a) some of us bought Wii U’s knowing we’d need it to play this game
    b) it’s finished, something the devs had to work months of overtime to achieve, only to be told 3 weeks before launch that it’s being delayed
    c) it’s a huge double standard for Ubi, who iirc released the 3DS version of Rayman Origins months after every other platform

  • I don’t even have a Wii U or like Rayman but i have to say the author of this article has absolutely no idea what he is talking about.

    This was about the stupidest article i have read in the past few years.
    Luke Plunkett keep your malformed bias opinions to yourself and stop making Kotaku look bad.

    Your article was bad, and you should feel bad for writing it.

  • The thing is – we all know that Luke reads these OZ replies, yet no reply from him. He recently had the ‘courage’ to ridicule a kid who got a nasty reply from Ubisoft Australia on Facebook yet that kid didn’t make as big an idiot of himself as Luke has done here. Frankly the continued lack of comprehension in regards to what he copies is both hilarious and astounding. I would be embarrassed – yet Luke just plods along continually letting himself and his co workers down. Sad.

  • I feel most sympathetic for the Wii U owners who had pre-ordered this title – what a phenomenally effective way for Ubisoft to lose the support of their most loyal customers.

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