Winners! Aliens: Colonial Marines

When I look at a competition post and see there's been over 400 entries, I freak out. Choosing a winner will take ages, I think. Then I start reading them, peeing my pants with laughter. Good job everyone, there were some true classics here.

As you may recall, the competition mechanic was to rewrite the famous Alien tagline 'in space, no-one can hear you scream'.

And the main winner is...

bucknuckle In space, no-one can hear you call the teacher 'mum'.

Congratulations Buckuckle, you win the collector's edition of Aliens.

McGarnical In Dead Space 1, no one can hear Isaac talk.

Ser Nobulus In Soviet Russia, space hears you!

redartifice In space, no-one can hear you sing along to Call Me Maybe.

durdler In space invaders, no-one can shoot the last alien

sumpunk In space, white men CAN jump.

darthphikl In space no one can hear me crying into my morning coffee because I didnt win a free game, that I have to deal with halfwits all day, that I fight traffic to get home to see my one year old pulling my 4 year olds hair with a gigantice smile on her face and I have to tell her to stop while im suppressing the laughter. Feed kids, bath kids, clothe kids, bedtime story kid, bed time. Then, xbox time, thats right, i didnt win, fuck this Im having a beer.

Game_God In space, people got time fo dat.

Dire Wolf In space, helium balloons are useless.

totofuu In space, no-one can hear you blame the lag.

Congrats to all the winners, we'll be in contact soon, and thanks to everyone who entered!


    Sweet! Congrats to @bucknuckle!

      Yours was my personal favourite.

      Big congrats to everyone that won.

      Thanks mate, and congrats to everyone else who won a prize.

      Can't believe I won! Thanks Kotaku

      Last edited 20/02/13 4:21 pm

    Aww. :(

    Congrats to the winners, all. Stiff competition on this one.

    In space no one can hear you SPAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAACE

    ... I saw my name and got excited and then I realised it was someone else.


    Uhhhhh. Mark?

    No one can HERE you scream?

      He's clearly asking you to scream here. Lettin' the team down, man.


    A loser is meeee sadface.jpg

    Hahaha. And now you all find that the game sucks anyway. Effort = Misplaced!

    Congrats guys! Top responses for sure! keep up the good work!

    In Space, no one can hear you scream 'This game is shit!'

    In your living room everyone will hear you screaming at this crappy game. But good work guys.

    Man, I totally missed this article, had to google search it xD

    Was surprised I won though, I was on a game of LoL and was screaming at the lag >>

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