Worms In Your Social Network? It's More Likely Than You Think

The beta is over and battle lines have been drawn. They're sort of squiggly. Team17's classic team-based trajectory shooter is now open to everyone on Facebook. Release the sheep!

The spineless competition is fierce in the Facebook version of Worms. Along with the four-on-four battles that have been endearing these slimy little bastards to gamers for ages, players can participate in weekly tournaments, customise their squad and island, and conquer single-player challenges to prove their superiority over 2D sprites of all shapes and sizes.

It's really the perfect sort of game for Facebook. You can play it right here.


    fuck yeah! i know what im doing tonight :D

    Right there. 5th image. You can buy Airstrikes with real money.

    Yeah... This game isn't going to be even remotely fair. Pay 2 Win at a crap game. NEXT!

      Worms is a fantastic game, but pay2win will ruin it

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