Yes, The PlayStation's Startup Music Is Still Orgasmic

Remember when the original PlayStation came out? Better yet, remember how incredibly amazing the system's start up music was? Holy smoke, that was good — and it's even amazing all these years later.

With Sony getting ready to announce the future of the PlayStation on February 20, now is as good a time as any to look (listen?) back on how great the original PlayStation's start up really was.

It's likely that Sony will announce a new PlayStation. In case you missed it, do check Kotaku's exclusive coverage on what that could be like. Let's hope it has start up music that is as good as this.

初期プレステのスタートアップ音wwwwwwww [いたしん!]


    Mmmm gotta love that sound.

    Dreamcasts was better. =D

    (Not trolling. I LOVE the Playstation start up, but my giddy god does the Dreamcast one give me shivers of the good variety.)

      im with ya bud! not a huge playstation fan after the PS1, but dreamcast IMO was better for sure.

      Dreamcast Start-up:

    Still gives me chills. I think the subsequent too console start-ups lacked the bass element of this one. Too orchestral.

    LOL, I still get a buzz when firing up a PsOne classic on my PS3 or PSP. Reminds me of the good old late nineties...

    I still have my ps1 around here somewhere... I think I'm going to go find it and repeatedly turn it off and on.

    What happened to the PS1 music visualisation program when you put a music disc in? That was kick arse.

    can't beat the Neo Geo for best start up sound in my opinion... don't know why but i love it

      Neo Geo Start-up:

    It was simultaneously my favourite and my most dreaded sound. Most dreaded especially if after that last note the console seem to freeze and not do anything for a while - which happened a lot towards the end of my PS1's life XD

    Still sounds great, but my favourite is the Gamecube boot up. It's the reason why I get my Gamecube out to play GC games instead of using my Wii. :)

      Gamecube start-up:

    Hah, no less than two weeks ago I fired up my playstation and thought to myself "I should make that startup tune my ringtone".

      i made it my ring tone a month or so back.

    Gamecube or bust, especially the fact that you could mess around with it

      You could mess around with it?!

        All Gamecube start-ups:

          Also the Menu theme is the Famicom Disk System intro music slowed down:

    Here's a boot-screen megamix:

    Part 1:
    Part 2:

    Dreamcast for me too! A relaxing way to start your gaming session of Shenmue.

    Frank Ocean used it on his album

    Mother of god. that sounded sexy beyond words on the surround sound.

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