Yes, This Is Bruce Willis Made Out Of Chocolate

As part of a promotion for A Good Day to Die Hard, a life-sized chocolate statue of John McClane (née Bruce Willis) was wheeled out for a press conference this evening in Japan.

The flick opens on February 14, which is Valentine's Day — hence the chocolate. Shame the statue doesn't really look like Bruce Willis. But life-sized chocolate! If one good thing comes out of A Good Day to Die Hard, it'll be this. Yippee-ki-yay and all that jazz.

酒井法子、復帰後初の映画イベントに取材陣350人「過去最大規模の数」 [映画.com]


    Is there a Japanese version of Die Hard staring that guy we dont know about???

      i dunno much about movies in japan, but that guy is possibly bruce willis's official dubber?

    I never realised how much his crotch looks like Barbie's.

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