You Are Over-Encumbered. Drop Your iPhone.

I don't own an iPhone anymore. I suddenly wish I did. This case costs $US40, but the joke makes it almost totally worth it.

iPhone Stats (Skyrim) by SkinnyJoe [Red Bubble] Skyrim [All The World's A Stage, via Gamefreaks]


    Speechcraft, huh? I would have gone with +10 Illusion, myself. *ducks the downvotes*

      I'd actually pay that one.

      I would have went with +10 conformist.

        I'm sure when an Android version for a Samsung Galaxy Queen Mattress comes out, the +10 neckbeard is going to be super popular!

        +10 Sheep or +10 I have no imagination?

    Isn't that Oblivion, not Skyrim?

      I think so. Pretty sure it's just 'Speech' in Skyrim. The dialogue box thing looks like Skyrim though.

    Anyway, who drops something that gives you +10 speech craft, weighs 2, and is worth over 800 caps?

    `ミO (⊙﹏⊙′)

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