You Can Already Pre-Order A PS4 At EB Games, They're Guessing $899 Australian

We don't know how much it costs. We don't know when it's going to be released. We don't even know what the bloody console looks like. All we know is that it exists and a handful of games are in development for it. But still, you can pre-order a PlayStation 4 at EB Games.

And how much do they think we'll be paying for the console? A pretty extortionate $899. Yeah, it won't cost that much. No way in hell.

But yeah, seriously man. I understand the business realities, but pre-ordering a PS4, right now? That's a very silly idea indeed...


    Just placed my pre-order now we play the waiting game ...

      Sorry to spoil the mood. But I would have doen so myself, except, what if they don't release in Australia till, 3-4 months later like PSVita?

      Probably a part of the reason PSVita didn't sell very well, they released it in Japan way before anyone else, with a bunch of release games targetting western audiences.

      I couldn't belive Sony was that stupid. There might have been other complications, but it sure hurt buisness.

      In my opinion, they should realease world-wide regardless of stock limitations, I'd rather hear about it being in short supply, than having unsold stock sitting in a country where they don't appreciate it.

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    Wasn't the launch price of the PS3 here over $1k.

      I recall PS2 around $750 and PS3 $800 at the most if at all

        Except the PS3 was $1000 for the 40gb (60gb?) model.

          It was definitely a grand on release here. I remember disgruntled parents telling me off for pricing the console so high, as if I as a humble retail pleb had any say in it.

          No it was $1k for the 60GB.

        Yep the PS3 was definitely released here for the large $1k. I remember the tears i shed as a small 16 year old at the time. Funnily enough only for Christmas this year did i wind my way picking one up and even then it was only for the console exclusives.

          tell me about it

      the original 60gb launch console was $999... i should know i bought one on launch night (and still have it)

    Hmmm, a bit high I reckon. I think they'll have a model around the $599 mark.

      if it's $600 or less, i'll probably be in line at the midnight launch. i say probably, because i'm still not sold on it. not even close to enough info today.

    $118 for The Witness, a downloadable game, eh? XD

      WTF I wouldn't pay ten bucks for that sh!t

        Oh, The Witness is shit? Tell me how you've played it.

          The game could be good... But its Jonathan Blow so its probably just pretentious

            I don't think you know the meaning of pretentious. He comes across as genuine and his games are smart.

    That sounds about right strangely. I mean, I was guessing $800 or $700. No, seriously, give it some thought, who REALLY thinks Sony WON'T try to pull that shit in Australia? Price wise, we're just punching bags for all of those big companies

      yep, I remember the Sega CD launched at 1200, the saturn and Playstation were around 600-700 at launch. The Xbox and PS2 were same, the 360 was 600 odd and the PS3 was 900 due to the fact it came with blue ray player

        No, the PS3 was $900 because Australians were willing to pay that much. I mean, it took what, 5 years before we saw it at $500?

        Didn't the original Xbox recieve a price drop even before launch. I distinctly remember seeing 700 dollar pricing for it early on, but prices around 500 closer to launch.

    Jesus look at the RRP for those games... EB you're drunk.

    I guess they have to over estimate their prices, if they took an underestimate of say $500 they'd probably be forced to honour it. Since they've over estimated, they'll give the lower price upon release.

      Somebody gets it.

      According to Australian law, if you label an item for $100 and it's meant to be $200, I get to buy it for $100. This of course is often the result of people taking an $18 for sale sticker off a game and whacking in on the game they want and trying to get it for $18. Why I think EB should write the games name on the sticker.

      So if EB under estimate the PS4 price they are required by law to honour that price. They are required by law to honour the higher price too, but nobody is going to insist on paying more for it.

        Well actually in this case there is specific law regarding pre-orders. But basically the same as you said.

          Yeah, easier to rebate the difference to someone that clearly had the money to afford it than ask for less and demand more from someone that doesnt have the money later. Seems its illegal too.

        It'd be better to control the discounts, but would cost too much in lost wages. The occasional dodgy person swapping discounts stickers definitely wouldn't justify spending thousands and thousands of dollars paying employees to individually write game titles on stickers.
        They should make the stickers come off the case in two halves, so employees could tell immediately if they'd been tampered with.

        Actually that's not correct at all. If a product is labelled at one price (higher or lower) and in reality the product should of been labelled at another price there is no legal basis under consumer or contract law for you to get either price. This comes under the offer/acceptance rule of contracts. A price label is classified as a guide only and you go up to the store and OFFER to buy it at the price labelled. The store has no legal obligation under contract law to accept it and can refuse.

        This does not mean they couldn't be in violation of Consumer laws about false and misleading advertisement, but if it's not an advertised price and store labels alone are NOT advertising (your example of sticker pricing specifically is not advertising) then they are legally within their right to refuse the sale.

        EB are only required to honour the price of a product that they have advertised that a reasonable person would expect to be at that price. In fact with this product they classify it as a "*Placeholder Price" with the "Final price yet to be announced" which means unless the price turns out to be unreasonably more they are within there right to charge more for it if they need to which is why they only require a deposit and not full price. You can always say NO to the order and receive your deposit back (within their terms that also come under statutory conditions) if you think the price is not reasonable.

          Sale Stickers are a grey area. I meant more along the lines of if a product is advertised at a price you have to sell it at that price you need to mention it's the last one if you only have one.

          That "no rainchecks" disclaimer you often see on catalogues is to say if they run out of stock your out of luck and you can't call in and reserve one.

          This also applies if the stocked price is lower than the computers price you have to sell it at the stocked price. That's more a Coles/Woolies thing not an EB thing. And Even if your in the right do you want some moron making it on to ACA or Today Tonight calling you a liar because they reserved a PS4 at Price X and found it increased to Price Y. While ACCC and consumer watchdogs may not get involved if it can scare people ACA and Today Tonight will jump on it.

          And tes I hate ACA and Today Tonight's farce that is considered journalism. They can blatantly lie about a person or take a single persons side and never have to do a retraction or present the other side of the argument because they are not actually news shows but infact entertainment programs. This small point of difference means facts are irrelevant to what they report.

            Actually sale stickers are not a grey area at all and are very much quantified under contractual law [ Pharmaceutical Society of Great Britain v Boots Cash Chemists (Southern) Ltd [1953] is a prime case] , and I was referring to your statement of "According to Australian law". Since advertisements (including catalogues and price lists and stickers) are generally regarded as invitations to treat (other than some very specific instances that do not apply here) the only law that would come into it is section 52 of CCA (the new TPA) dealing with false and misleading advertisement (inducement) as long as it is for advertised products that a reasonable person would be expected to believe (ie: no puffery).

            The structure that Coles/Woollies etc have in regards to POS pricing with mismatch/mistakes is only a voluntary policy and not actual law though you are correct in that it is more of a PR exercise than anything else since It keeps the customer happy with a fuzzy feeling of having some 'right' that actually isn't there. Any alternate dispute resolution practices put in place by an organisation that benefits themselves and there stakeholders/customers is great but again this doesn't mean it is illegal not to do it as you suggested.

            As for TT/ACA they are still beholden to defamation and tortuous interference torts which is why you don't see them going after someone who actually has the law (and major money) on their side and only after either the poor business owner who can't afford to take the attack journalists to court or to someone who actually should be investigated and places like ACCC or other legal authorities are not doing their jobs (or in most cases are but people can't understand how much time a proper investigation actually take)

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    It's just an arbitrary price until they know how much it actually is .. they will always go way over just to cover ass but I doubt it will anywhere near there. I went to put a preorder on GTA V a while ago and it had a placeholder price of $9,999 .. doesn' t mean much of anything

      Yeah, they have a note in brackets stating it's a placeholder price. The games look like the placeholder price usually used too.

        Yeah but they are making themselves look like fools by using a "realistic" the price, why not use TBA or $9999 it means the same thing in the end without getting crowned on by every Australian gaming news site

          Do you really, really think they care?

    The $899 is just the default price so they can start taking orders. I believe the PS4 will be around $480-$530AUD. I'm sure EB will soon be advertising PS4 preorders in their stores. Until I see more system details and HD configs I wont be pre ordering.

      I'm betting $599 RRP, but we'll see how it goes.

        $599 USD more likely

          I'd bet against that. That's what the PS3 launched at and based on today's presentation, they've learnt their lesson.

          I'd bet around US$449-499 - I could see them willing to take a loss in order to get the numbers sold.

      Yeah I'm betting 600 - 800 range.

        Ps4 is $399 in North America tho?????

    In terms of why they put the price so high would you rather hear that your pre-ordered PS4 is more expensive than you were told or cheaper?

    Even if the end price point is around the $600 mark (I am probably NOT paying anymore than that), that potential price is just ridonkeylous!!

    You can at JB also...
    Also seriously mark for the umpteenth time there other stores out there besides EB

      Not for Mark .. he loves to hate EB.. and if it's true that he used to work for them surely he knows that they use placeholder pricing. You crazy kids...

        Well EB suck so I can see why he would hate them.

          Yeah with their price matching and returning anything with 7 days played or not for a full refund ... I'm with you man they are the devil. Lets get a posse together and burn some stores down

            Oh good, they will match the prices other stores have set but won't bother lowering prices to match other stores?

            Or that you have to pay to get your credit into cash. That's utterly brilliant. Trade in your games but you can only use it at EB Games. That's fair.

            Yes. EB suck.

              I hate EB because they treat their employees like shit. I don't care about the services they offer. They still treat their employees like shit, and I still hate them.

              At least they give cash as an option .. JB ONLY give store credit. But i guess thats ok.
              If you can't be arsed to ask for a price match or just think they're evil thats cool man, i'm never gonna change your mind. But they seem to be doing just fine without you .. in fact they're one of the few retailers GROWING in this shitty retail environment. I'll take the return policy everyday.

                I don't need to ask since I get it cheaper online soooo cool story bro?

    Whoa, anyone else notice they've changed the Select button to "Options?"

      I know. That weirded me out too, because not every game uses start as just options, Take skyrim from example, IIRC there was quests, save,load and properly some other stuff i'm forgeting. Unless they are using a universal options software, where every game have the same options, i don't know.

    $899 might look a bit high, but I'm guessing it won't be far off that. People here who are guessing around the $500 mark are only kidding themselves (the Wii U was $400 here, and it doesn't have anywhere near the kind of tech this machine will have). No way are they releasing that console below $650. You only have to look at past trends to know that.

      The Tech is irrelevant, Sony have always sold consoles at a loss (well PS2 and 3, not sure about the original) it is how much of a loss they are willing to make.

    The PS4 has been available for preorder for YEARS. Even working at EB for a few years through uni it's amazing how misinformed people are about EB's policies, pricing and inner workings. Like all the rumours spread by some kid on the net somehow became fact to so many without any form of realistic evidence. EB deserve criticism and a fair whack but just bashing them willy nilly is ignorant.

    You can build a gaming PC for that much.

      You can also build a gaming PC for $300, but your point being?

        People often cite cost as a reason for choosing a console over a PC?

        Who sells a gaming PC for 300 dollars?

      I look forward to playing the new Killzone and Infamous games on PC.

      Most of us game on more than one platform. Comments like this are at this stage very, very old.

        What I mean is that the PS4 is using almost all off the shelf PC parts, and not particularly high end parts yet it costs quite a bit more than a very nice gaming PC.

        And I would also assume they are getting a bulk discount. I would assume when they actually get around to announcing it it will be much less than this or I cant see why you would pay more for less.

        Then again the PS3 cost double the 360 yet had similar power.

    Yeah, I know they have always made a loss on selling the consoles, but $500? Please, give me a break. The machine will be be $600 - $700 ... EASILY. May even be more. PS3 was around $900 at launch in this country. You really think they are going to sell the PS4 at $400 less than that?

    Ill buy all my games at EB when they start charging reasonable prices. Which means Ill probably never buy a game from them

    Haha. They only have a picture of its nasty cheap looking controller.

    I heard Japanese and British newspapers were estimating between $400-$500 at launch. I kinda laughed, because I know the PS3 launched at $999 or something rather like that. Gee I hope it's around $500.

    $899 placeholder for console, $118 placeholder for games... I'm gonna wait for an official price for both before I place any preorders

    While they scream the Wii U is dear at $400, but I guess this is just EB pricing high to make sure they don't undercut themselves.

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