You Can Buy Aliens: Colonial Marines From EB Games Right Now

Aliens: Colonial Marines is officially due out in two days, but what good is a street date if you can't break it? While it wasn't the first to bust the date, EB Games has announced via social media that the game can now be purchased from the retailer, ahead of its scheduled release.

Here's the appropriate post on EB's Facebook page:

The infestation starts now!

Spread the word! We're selling Aliens Colonial Marines in stores FROM TODAY. Check it out:

We suggest ringing your store before popping in. You can find their number here:

And the corresponding note on Twitter:

EB's Twitter account mentioned the street date was "broken by a competitor" first, in reply to Leigh Harris of MCV Pacific. The competitor's name wasn't mentioned, so if you know who it was, leave a comment!

EB Games Australia [Facebook, via Just Push Start]


    But you won't be able to play it on PC yet until Steam unlocks it on Tuesday.

    That sucks for me and anyone else who pre-ordered the collectors edition online we will have to wait until Tuesday to get it.

      Yeah, I got all excited about grabbing it and then found that out...

    EB used to go and harass local game shops and GAME/Gametraders shops for selling early, now they're doing it. This is why I only shop at JB Hi-Fi.

      That, and you almost always save yourself anywhere between $10 and $30.

        This also.

      Did you even read the article or just see "eb selling early"?

      They totally did! EB used to blame everyone else but we all knew they were trying to egg us on so they could sell early. They used to be the worst culprits for breaking street dates.

      God damn it.

      Firstly, EB Games WASN'T the one who broke it. Read.

      Also, WHAT? They sent their employees over to harass stores? I worked at EB for years through high school and uni and never once heard of this happening.

      Personally, I shop at EB so I can save anywhere between $10 and $30 ON THEIR OWN PRICE and still return it a week later. EB are terrible to their employees, ridiculous with any kind of "deal" but seriously, there is so much people don't seem to understand about pricing and dates yet still feel entitled to express false opinion. For example, (while I was working) Mass Effect 3 cost EB $93 per launch copy and they sold them at $109.95. (even so, i agree it's a high) Mass Effect 3 cost JB Hi Fi $93 per launch copy and they sold them at $79 because they can make the money elsewhere. Tell me, exactly how does EB, a store that needs that revenue to see any profit, deserve any blame in this instance? Any ridicule? If the idea is that people are seriously annoyed that a retailer won't shout them $14 of profit (that will be lost) unless they (just) ask is batshit insane. This 2013 entitlement epidemic is ridiculous.

        EB has been the laughing stock of game retail (used to work there too and hated it) and most of their customers are usually naive mum's buying their kids gifts. Pricing games like that is pretty much just a middle finger to any customer.. sure u can price match, but they shouldn't have to.. They should be a bit more pro-active and check to see what their competitors are charging, and change it across the board. I really hope EB goes the way of Game.

      Go to EB, pricematch JB, done. JB's price with EB's 7 day return policy. :)

        Rather selfish. If you want the cheapest price, support the retailer offering it.

      ur all spastcs who cares buy the daym game or STFU!!!!!!!! its out, simple spastics

      Last edited 11/02/13 3:06 pm

        Fixed: You people all appear to be suffering from some kind of mental or physical form of retardation. I do not mind what you do, however I beleive that you should buy the game or lament with you opinions no longer! This is correct and a truth in itself, and I believe you should seek medical opinion into your disorder.

    I have a feeling it may be Big W who broke street date... Early yesterday morning, I was surprised to see it on shelves. I took it to the counter, the guy put the disc in the case and scanned the case, he said "Ah, it's not in the system yet, so I can't sell it to you".
    I went and mentioned it to EB and they said they would contact head office to see if they could sell it.

    Maybe it was me who snitched on Big W haha

    EB was the first to break date. speaking to EB staff on friday, they said it was going to break on the saturday... and guess what it did.

      also kotaku you do realise there are other games stores besides EB right???

      I work for EB and was not told about a planned early release..

      Last edited 10/02/13 4:10 pm

        He's just trying to impress people, it isn't true. It's probably like one of the last thousand that broke. It takes a single store ANYWHERE in the state for EB to break the date. He's also probably not aware of their ridiculously strict policies on street dates, it's treated as a massive deal internally and EB pride themselves on their relationships with distributors. They would NEVER break date. No matter what that one guy on the internet who went to that one store.

          This is very true. i work for EB and I can assure you all EB had no part in the break. They are indeed very strict on the street dates. They will however be quick to take advantage of a break. Don't let the eagerness of us getting the game on the shelf and to the pre-order customers fool you into thinking EB were directly involved in the break.

          Anyway, it doesn't matter who broke the date, I picked up a copy on 360 in lieu of grabbing the PC version and I'm glad I did.

          PC copy cancelled. The game is pretty bloody average.

    K-Mart broke the street date!!!

      you don't know the planning that goes into EB breaking a strret date.

        Neither do you by the sounds of it lol

        Street date breaks aren't planned. That's the point.

        Stores that break a street date run the risk of not being provided copies of other games from the same publishers, and their relationship with the publisher suffers, too. It's not something that's taken lightly just for the sales.

    JB broke early too. Damn steam. Now I just get to look at the case for 2 days

    Sure... but is it worth buying?

      I know right. I came here for the word on the game and so far just people snarking at each other about who knows more about retail.

      Since no else has said this yet (although maybe someone did and I haven't scrolled down to it yet), I bet it was the distributor trying to sneak a few sales before the bad reviews come out. Like RE6.

        Yeah im here to know if it is a good game or not. I dont give a fluff who broke the date first either.
        I hope your RE6 theory is untrue for both our sakes. **crosses fingers**

      I'm having a blast playing the campaign cooperatively, loads of fun. The game has a great atmosphere and it looks and feels like an alien game. The sounds are bang on, pulse rifles bark as you fire them into xenos who howl and shriek in pain. There's a ton of remember that partof the movie as you walk past newts doll head or set upturrets in a tight corridor, there is collectible legendary weapons which are awesome to wield against foes. The multi player is a hoot it's just pure unadultered fun, there is customizing of weapons and armour even a little bit of customizing on the alien side of things. Gearbox are also looking into introducing a possible hoarde mode.....

        I wouldn't say it's a terribly ugly game but it's surely not the prettiest either. The AI is passable but I just want to complete it to play on ultimate bad ass difficulty. Games should be played on hard I'm sure the developers pour their heart into it at that level. Best way to figure out if a game is good go play the thing......obviously my opinion is differing from most people on this post. But then again people liked homefront whereas I thought it was a terrible game full of bugs and poor gameplay, point being made aliens colonial marines doesn't fall into the homefront category

    First off my girl friend was the one that got the ball rolling the street date being broken and second everyone i have spoken to who has bought it says its horrible the phrase that keeps coming up "worse than duke nukem forever"

      SUUUURRRREEE she did. Nevermind the fact that other retailers caught wind of EB's intent to break street date over the weekend (to get extra sales) and were prepared in such a case.

      Hahaha wow so your girlfriend broke the street date? She must be so clever.. -_-

      His girlfriend is a poltergeist btw. aka non-existent

        Actually douche bags she was the first to post a pic of aliens at kmart on eb facebook which got the ball rolling, and I'll have you know she is inflatable

      I don't care about street dates, I am more interested in opinions re: the game.
      Because, Duke Nukem Forever hurt me. Not nearly as much as Spore, but still.

      Do tell, if you're willing.

    Too bad Steam wont let me install the PC version of it :(

    Street date was likely planned to be broken to beat all the review embargoes, I've heard horrible things also

    THE GAME SHIPPED TO my STORE SINCE LAST WEDNESDAY, SO IVE BEEN playing it since then. the game is super average, with horrible AI for the human NPCs and terrible visuals. give it a miss.

    $78 at EB, $69 at JB.. Nothing unusual about that price difference..

      Not at all, because EB are selling at RRP and JB is undercutting them because EB can't afford to go lower. Like they usually do.

      Not favouring or bashing either one, I shop at both. But this is the reality, EB isn't just evil for no reason, they're just as evil as JB.

    Hrmm, not even any reviews allowed to be published yet. Doesn't fill me with confidence when they wont let reviews of the game get out before the game is released, sounds like they're trying to dupe people into buying it before they can find out how good (or bad) it is.

      Why would EB 'dupe' people into buying a rubbish game before the reviews are out, then offer a 7 day trial, giving you an opportunity to take it back for a refund if you don't like it? doesn't make much sense to me

    Kmart broke street date. Someone posted a picture of the game and receipt from Kmart, and eb games got in contact with the vendor to get permission to go on sale. Stop getting on eb games's back about this. They are the largest games retailer in Australia, and wouldn't do this to jeopardize their relationship with their vendor partners. They didn't get to where they are without good relationships with the right people.

    At my place of work we recieved an official memo earlier in the week warning that EB was planning to break the street date quietly in order to get a competitive edge and that we should put the product on the shelf as soon as we hear about it (this is big because normally we have to wait for head office to say we can put the stock out even if we know someone else is selling).

    I believe it was kmart. There were pictures on EBs facebook page on friday of pictures of aliens on the shelf at kmart. I think a lot of people are exaggerating about EBs intent to break street date. From what I understand, a large fine could be issued. Is it really worth it to get 1 day ahead on selling 'aliens colonial marines'? The game isnt going to be that popular!

    Really? Embargo release should lift a day before, least that's the pattern I've seen before. Also, horrible reviews? Where? There are none I can find on sites and every review from those around Aus have had a lukewarm reaction to it, though to be fair, their thoughts are a little vague. Citing linear level design as a fault doesn't destroy a game

    Ozgameshop already despatched my order on Friday, so same as normal circumstances - I'll be getting the game in my hands few days later than release.

    So for those who are all bummed they can't play it yet... it's not great. Like, if you went in hoping for something like the AvP2 game you will be sadly mistaken.

    So it's crap?

    Well here's my station. I'm gettin off this hype train right now!

    got my steam copy for $31 from using the discount code LV-426. It's amazing how steam is selling it for $79 I didn't think steam ever had a price tag like that on a preorder.

    If you've played the game, reply to this comment. I must feed on your opinions. Feeeed meee.
    Good? Bad? Ugly? Shatters what little faith you had left in Gearbox?

      My friend bought it and I played through three or four chapters at his place on PS3. The game is extremely ugly on this format and I assume others as well. While I am fully aware that graphics are not as important as gameplay, in a game where atmosphere and lighting are quite vital to create tension it serves the purpose of completely removing you from the experience.
      Having said that the sound does a reasonable job of filling in those gaps.
      The levels are extremely linear and generic, it reminds me of the early FPS games of the late 90s. The environment is just an ugly railroad that happens to have a passing resemblance to aliens lore.
      The AI is woeful both in enemies and in squad AI however this could be rectified in coop which I didn't try. The enemy aliens will run past you or jump and run on the roof with laughable animations and will not display much in the way of location damage etc. in fact they rarely come apart and disappear quite ridiculously within a few seconds. In 1999 the brilliant AVP featured disintegrating aliens that could even attack you with no legs, I have no idea why almost 15 years later these features are missing.
      The initial levels are very heavy in fighting other human mercenary enemies with terrible AI that run from single spawn points like the doom days.
      The script is embarrassing but it is good to hear Bishop voiced so well, I think because it's the original actor doing it.
      At the end of a chapter I was grenaded by my own squad for some reason making me replay from the checkpoint. Enemies clip, the animations don't always line up, so there are many bugs too.
      I really want a great Aliens game but this isn't it. This is a dull, ugly, boring, generic, buggy mess that while serviceable is definitely not enjoyable. I think for serious fans there could be an interesting story here by the end and there is alot of fan service (the environment on Hadleys Hope complete with sentry gun with 4 rounds left etc) but it is a really tough sell. Pass marks because it works and delivers aliens and marines. 5/10

        And with that, I am never, ever buying this game. Thanks!

        Summed up pretty well I'd say.

        The 360 version is no different so ultimately not worth buying for PC with no return possible.

        If curious, grab it on console, do NOT redeem any codes, play campaign and return within a week.

        This game will be on sale before we know it.

          I'd agree, if I hadn't picked it up on Steam for $30 and change from GetGamesGo :)

    Went to two EBGames stores today. One broke street date while the other didn't.

    Doesn't surprise me, they kept playing the Ad for it last night on TV, and at the end of it said "Out Now!"

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