You Can Play PS4 Games On Your Vita With 'Remote Play'

Gaikai's Dave Perry took the stage to announce a bunch of new "social" features for the PS4 today: including Ustream/Facebook support, streaming capabilities and "remote play", which allows you to play PS4 games on your Vita.

"Our vision is to create the first gaming social network with meaning," he said.

Perry said the long-term goal is to make "every PS4 game" playable on the PlayStation Vita.


    Gosh I hope this actually works, remote play with the PSP was a terrible gimmick, they promised too much and it never delivered.

    They will underdeliver with the Vita at least as badly as they did with the Move tech. 512MB of RAM on the Vita guarantees failure for playing PS4 games unless it's all streaming, but that means lag. If Sony would just put more RAM in their gaming devices they would be in such a better position. Vita and PS3 both should have had at least 2 GB. PS4 should have at least 8 (excluding VRAM), but they'll probably put 4.

    The Vita has 2 fewer buttons, the only way I can imagine this working on all games would be to use the left & right halves of the rear touchpad for L2/R2 and that would be pretty clumsy I suspect

      Actually missing 4 buttons (L2,R2,L3,R3) so you'd need some way of remapping the keys or maybe developers could be forced to include a Vita friendly control scheme in each game.

        well, a few ps3 games have remote play on them, i've tried it with tokyo jungle (which doesn't need many buttons anyway) and it maps l2,r2,l3 and r3 onto the back touch screen

        Last edited 21/02/13 12:22 pm

          +1 Thank You! How the heck do people not get this?

        Oh yeah, forgot about stick clicking! Maybe they can make one of the shoulder buttons a shift key & let you use the face buttons as L/R ones... Yeah okay that would be completely awful...

    Playing PS4 games in bed would be awesome if it works as advertised. The control scheme could be an issue, admittedly, but there's always a compromise somewhere.
    This is my favourite feature of the Wii U so far and I'm keen to see it effectively implemented on PS4 / Vita.

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