You Can Preorder This Game Before You Even Know What It Is

Indie developer 11 Bit Studios has quite the deal for you: if you preorder their game now, you'll get 50 per cent off the final price. That would be quite the saving, if we actually knew a damn thing about the game.

But we don't.

The deal "is for those brave souls who are willing to jump into the abyss with us and take a chance on a mystery."

Considering there's absolutely nothing forcing you to do this, and that once the game's actually revealed there's nothing stopping you preordering it then, it sounds like the perfect deal for just the person it's intended for: those brave souls who Kickstart and Greenlight and Indiegogo their money on every promising title they come across.

The trailer above is about all you've got to go on.


    And I think this is taking pre-order shenanigans to a new low(high?). Even with Kickstarter, you're generally informed on what you're putting your money down for.

    This? What the hell will I be paying for? 11 seconds of interesting video?

      Did it look vaguely overview-tactical (xcom esque) in the latter half to anyone else?

    How about people pre-order my game and you get 50% off and no other information except the title "NULL"

    Last edited 16/02/13 2:40 pm

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