You Might Get A Surprisingly Classy Skyrim Series — If You Pay

You Might Get A Surprisingly Classy Skyrim Series — If You Pay

A group of very serious fans wants to make a web series based on Skyrim. So far, so modern internet, but what’s setting the pitch for Skyrim: The Shadow Cult apart is the level of professionalism that’s going into the production.

Instead of just tossing robes on a few friends and letting computer effects do the rest, the team have commissioned some of the biggest names in cosplay — like Harrison Krix – to build props and costumes. The results are as good as you’ll see… well, maybe not in the movies, but definitely TV.

The aim is to shoot five 20-minute episodes, which, at the end, can be combined to run as a feature. What I’m most impressed with though is the location. Most efforts like this end up being shot in some guy’s garage or a warehouse in front of a green screen. At best, they drive to the nearest woods.

To really nail the remote, mountainous feel of Skyrim, the team will be filming in the forests of Millinocket, Maine, a location “so remote in the height of winter its only accessible by snow mobile accross a frozen lake”. Or a fast travel.

Funding for the project is currently up and running on indiegogo.

Skyrim: The Shadow Cult – A Fan Mini Series [indiegogo]


  • I’ll be interested once someone can show me how yelling “Fus Ro Dah!”can be done with out looking horribly lame.

    • Subtlety is usually the best way to go. I see a group of thieves from the guild in a tavern who overhear about about a Dark Brotherhood plot to assassinate their fence. A certain Dragonborn may or may not make an appearance.

    • With a stunt crew and an air ram(the machine that PULLS a stunt man back really fast). Its not a crazy expensive or complicated effect either, people just go for the After Effects stuff because hey, its easier. That can look good if done right, dont get me wrong, but we want a real stunt for that effect and we will be able to if we get properly funded. We are trying to keep unnecessary CGI out of this project as much as possible.

  • I can’t see how Bethesda would let this continue. These guys are gathering money from a property they have no rights to, and even producing Skyrim-themed pendants as backer rewards.

    As a filmmaker myself, I’m in awe of the effort they’ve put into the production so far. I just hope they don’t get shut down after all their hard work.

    • As far as I see it. If they don’t charge for the final product, people should be free to ‘donate’ money towards it’s production. (Take the MGS fan movies for example)

      Don’t quote me though.

  • Good luck to them I say, hope it will be a great and hopefully smooth-ish ride for them.
    Unlike the IMPS 50 mins movies. They were met with nothing but delays and disasters.

  • Hello there Kotaku Australia!

    Im the creator of the series. Thanks for all the positive feedback!

    To clear up the legal issue: Yes this is Bethesdas IP and they can shut it down if they choose, but its not for profit and we really hope they can see this is a project of love for their game. The items we offer as perks have all been privately commissioned works and are NOT intended for profit in any way.

    We arent the first Bethesda fan film to do this, in fact the past two that have(Fallout: Nuka Break and Fallout: Lanius, which is based in Perth actually) were endorsed by the creators of the games.

    ANY funds reached past our goal will go towards making the production even better quality.

    If the fund raising is shut down, we are fully prepared to deal with that and the pilot will move forward anyways. This project has been in the works for a long time and the possibility of being shut down has been a part of the decision making form the start. We love Bethesda deeply, Ive been a huge fan since I was a kid. This is a project that has stemmed from that and we hope they understand that and enjoy our series.

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