You Probably Have Super Meat Boy Already, But Just In Case You Don't...

Super Meat Boy is currently on-sale on Steam. It seems like Super Meat Boy is always on-sale, but that's a good thing. Because it's a very good game, and you should totally play it.

It's currently 75% off which means you can pick it up for $3.75US. Considering it's arguably the best 2D platformer released in the last five years, I'd say that's a pretty solid price.

Go get it people!


    I need it on a handheld or I just won't give it the time & effort needed. *crosses fingers*

    I need it

    I thought I had it, and I found I didn't

    I hope it's still on sale when I get home tonight

    I'll be plugging up a controller and playing

    I already have it on Steam and XBLA, it's a brilliant game.

    I remember buying Super Meat Boy around the time Donkey Kong Country Returns was released on the Wii. Both are fine quality platformers!

    SMB is a fantastic game, but if you do buy it for Steam, you must absolutely have a controller on hand (the devs even suggest this themselves in-game). I have given the keyboard method a go a few times and failed miserably. Maybe that's just me though.

    I found that I was just as good with the keyboard as I am with the controller. I've been playing SMB every day for the past week, great game!

      Finished it yet?

        Nup! I've pretty much been doing everything in order including the dark worlds and they can take a long time to get through! I'm in world 3 right now.

    Just putting it out there: the developers should make a second Meat Boy. Bandage Girl Adventures or something, I don't know.

    Played the demo.. didn't like it. Didn't buy it. End of story for me :)

      I played the demo, bought the game, got bored within the hour, oh well

    do not buy it on mac though; the second boss is broken and they screwed up the mapping for the controller.

    I used to think that Battletoads on the NES was the hardest game ever. Then I played Super Meat Boy.

    I played the demo, not my kinda game although available on direct bargains.

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