You Will Not Believe You're Watching This L.A. Noire Blooper Reel

Is this reel real? Depth Analysis, which created the face scanning technology used in 2011's L.A. Noire, for some reason released an outtakes reel on Thursday and it shows just how sophisticated the technology really is. We're not just hearing voice actors flub lines, snicker and look off-camera, we're seeing their game characters do it to, 1:1, real-time. Holy Toledo, this is video gaming's first motion-captured blooper reel.

The suspect flubbing his line, Rusty Galloway announcing his fart — and Cole Phelps SMIRKING at it — look, if this was an ordinary blooper reel, we'd be seeing it during the credits of a Burt Reynolds/Dom DeLuise flick, and so what. The fact we're seeing video game characters miss their lines, and their companions respond, and all of it perfectly matched and voiced, is both mindbending and hilarious.

This L.A. Noire gag real is amazing. [Reddit]


    That was brilliant!!!

    Did not find that at all funny. Mondayitis wrong side of bed syndrome..

      I didn't find it funny either, but I still enjoyed watching it.

      Well i laughed my ass off

    That was a lot of fun.

    I thought they captured the facial performances and physical performances separately? So these are probably real vocal bloopers, animated to make them seem like on-set bloopers? I could be wrong.

      I'd always thought that they captured the voice and face at the same time with their special cameras, then animated the character's body after.

        Yeah... that's what I thought too.

        Maybe someone just went in and linked it to animations from the game?

        Yes, voice and face were captured at the same time. These are not simply vocal bloopers that have been animated (Which would have been impossible anyway, as the faces in LA Noire were not animated by hand), these are the actors genuinely messing up their lines and their facial expressions after doing so.

        And yes the reel is real.

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          Sorry if I wasn't clear. That's what I meant by "physical" and "facial" captures being separate. Real face/voice bloopers that were added to body animations later.

            Ah, so we're all talking about the same thing anyway.
            Carry on then!

    I'm kinda hoping these tabloid women's magazine style headlines are being made ironically.

    I thought it was especially awesome as one of the ex Team Bondi employees now works in my workplace and we often talk about when she was working on L.A. Noire.

    Her friend was the one to come up with the Depth Analysis technology.

    Ah game bloopers. I might need to go watch the Legacy of Kain VA outtakes again. Those were great.

      I remember seeing those years ago under the bonus menu on Soul Reaver 2, will have to find em on youtube.

    yay so glad these made the light of day, I remember when we first dug all these up during my internship, just the video of the DA recordings, even better that they've put them into the game

      surrender now and nobody has to rahkbalaha...shit

    More games need to include blooper reels. I was so impressed when POP: The Two Thrones had a blooper reel unlock. All pre-rendered of course, but voice acted and everything.

    Still, there's something really creepy about the movement in these outtakes. Especially when they make sudden outbursts, though the eyebrow thing was quite the awesome.

    That was pretty cool, I enjoyed it.

    I thought though that they recorded the actors independently, but that video made it seem like they had multiple people at the same time. Can anyone clue me in?

      Kudos to the people at Depth Analysis the team behind the motion capture work for LA Noire. - I hope they're finding more exciting work after.
      It would have been very cool to see the actors IRL doing their lines while we see their digital avatars at work. Looking at their site , it seems Depth Analysis uses a different setup to the full body suits that we see in movies (e.g. LoTR, Ted) or games like the recent DmC reboot.
      Who knows - maybe one day we will have multiplayer games that will capture our facial expressions and voices... at least, until people with mysteriously long noses, bulbous cheeks, and big bushy eyebrows ruin things for everyone.

        I found a video for you, it shows a little bit of what you wanted, but you may have already seen it.
        From the video it seems that they do the movements with the normal full body suits but the facial expressions and dialogue with the new setup.

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