You’ll Never Guess What I Drew In Doodle Roulette

You’ll Never Guess What I Drew In Doodle Roulette

Baby Gaga’s Doodle Roulette is a Facebook drawing game that features a nifty way to let all of your friends play without even having to load the app. Your drawings are posted directly to your Facebook wall, inviting friends to guess what you drew in the comments. So far my Facebook friends could not give a damn.

The game works like this: players spin a roulette wheel, hence the name. The wheel features opportunities to draw doodles, guess existing doodles, or win coins and stars used to unlock new colours or words a ‘la Draw Something. Spinning a draw gives players a choice of three increasingly difficult words or phrases to attempt to convey via a mouse-based drawing interface. The harder the word the bigger the reward.

Your doodle is placed on your Facebook wall, and friends can just drop their guesses directly into the comments.


The rub is that your friends do have to be players of Doodle Roulette in order to see your post. None of my friends are, and I don’t really feel like bothering them. They’re a quiet bunch, keep to themselves. Good, fine people.

If you answer the doodle yourself the game is forfeit. Not sure what the penalty is for mentioning that you were trying to draw the word “Armour” on a major gaming website.

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