15 Minutes Of The English Version Of Animal Crossing: New Leaf. Let's Go Swimming!

Tom Nook is no longer the boss of you in the new Animal Crossing: New Leaf, which is coming to the 3DS in North America on June 9. You're the mayor. You're in command of this town. Well, somewhat... watch and see.

We got a hands-off demo of the new game at PAX East in Boston yesterday. You can watch that demo above. It doesn't look like the series' gameplay is getting much deeper, but vastly-improved networking options (streetpass, more online connections) should make it easier for more of us to play Animal Crossing as the socia game it was always meant to be.

Plus, now you can go swimming.

In the video above, the game is being displayed on a TV. It natively runs on the 3DS. We had to lower the system audio, so you won't be hearing the music or sound effects. But you will hear a rep from Nintendo explain a lot about the game.

Warning: One of our guys in Japan has been playing this game since last year and is hooked on it.


    Hurry up June!

      No, not yet! I'm still playing Ocarina of Time! And I have a backlog of DS games to start and finish! I need more time~!

    Holding out for Fantasy Life, like a real Level-5 devotee :D

    Been excited for this since the 3DS launch, all the games I bought one for are finally coming out!

    SO exicted, this is the main reason i got a 3ds

    It's Club 101, not "club LOL"

    Shit. I need to get my hands on a 3DS.

    The games are really selling it.

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