35 Gruesome Ways Lara Croft Dies In Tomb Raider

Tuesday mornings are for morbid death compilation videos, right? Director of the video above, BenBuja, says that it's every possible death scenario in the game.

If you catch a missing one, feel free to share it below. Otherwise, enjoy your morbid morning. And you're welcome.


    Altogether now:
    Duuumb ways to diiiieee...
    So many dumb ways to diiee...

    my favorite was getting impaled in the jaw by a stray peice of debris XD

      I found myself rather fond of the one where you fall into the ocean and get slammed against a jagged rock. The wolf snapping your neck was also pretty good, though a bit unbelievable.

        Yup, should have been a range of gurgling and choking noises, then it would have really been in your face.

    look, I'll admit I'm quite partial to stuffing up intentionally to see a good death animation. Even just a good ragdoll-physics plop about the place can be entertaining enough. The death noises Lara makes are somewhat annoying, and I think the actress could have done better in that department.

      Yeah they should have just killed her hundreds of times over for dat ultra realism!

    Bad PC quicktime events have been responsible for about 3/4 of my deaths so far. Heck, I died in that stupid wolf den almost 20 times because the game wouldn't register my left and right mashing.

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