4chan Is Making Its Own Pokémon Game

4chan Is Making Its Own Pokémon Game

Members of 4chan’s /vp/ board are teaming up to make their own Pokémon game. Because how often do you get a Pocket Monster trainer named “Doucherado”? Not often enough!

So far, there’s a lot of concept art, a finished Pokédex and sprites — all of which look quite impressive. Over on Reddit, Redditor Atheism4tw linked the game’s Wiki as well as the playable demo.

As with most files found online, download at your own risk! Kotaku was able to check out the demo, which seemed promising, but obviously still early in development. The game seems to have been made with Pokémon Essentials, which is a group of scripts and resources designed to make your own Pokémon game.

The game is supposedly set in a South America-inspired region called Urobos. The trainers are Simon and Sofia, and their rival is Richardo. Hardly a friendly rival, he’s also known as “Doucherado” and “Dicks”.

Many of the Fakémon designs in the Pokédex are surprisingly good, which helps make this fan based effort stand out. On Reddit, some Redditors are even saying they’re better than official designs. For some of the Pocket Monsters, I’d be inclined to agree.

A few of the names are clever too. For example, there’s Icetope, which evolves into Chillnobyl. Another favourite is Fettlekish, which, according to the 4chan created Pokédex, “can regulate their temperature to float or sink in the water. They can even boil the water around them. Prefers coffee over tea.” Fun stuff.

There are loads of fan-made Pokémon games. Loads. But this 4chan-created unofficial Pokémon game does seem promising. And it could turn out well. Don’t forget that 4chan does have a good track record with fan-made games: Katawa Shoujo, which was created by 4chan, turned out fantastic. Who knows, maybe this will too.


4Chan is working on their own Pokemon-game and they make good progress. [Atheism4tw@Reddit — Thanks Patrick!]


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