A Classy Reading Of The World's Worst Donkey Kong Fan Fiction

When it comes to things I thought I'd enjoy watching, I'd say that a 'classy' of the world's worst Donkey Kong fan fiction would rank pretty low on the list. But still, I watched this, and I laughed. Frequently.

It has the same charm as the incredible 'Dot Dot Dot' flash that was released a few years back. Not in the same league, but still...

It's a story about all of the Kongs doing really, really smell farts. Just giving you guys a heads up on that.


    Why didn't you credit Pcull44444 at all? You guys did this to the Completionist aswell...

      Mate -- every time someone watches it on this site, they get the traffic. That's the only reason -- the embed is literally going straight to their youtube page, otherwise I would credit to the high heavens.

    the mario one is better http://www.youtube.com/watch?feature=player_embedded&v=MPVdz09UuIQ#!

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