A Game Of Thrones Prequel? Maybe.

There are some things we can rule out with when musing over what George R.R. Martin might develop now that he has a two-year contract with HBO. Certainly not something comedic; he's not that type of guy. A Game of Thrones prequel of sorts? Maybe, according to an interview with IGN.

It's not the only idea that's been talked about, of course, but it's one of them. What do you think? Would you be interested in a prequel based on his Game of Thrones novellas?

Game of Thrones - George R.R. Martin Talks GOT Prequel Series [IGN]


    I think I'd prefer to see him do something completely different from Game of Thrones for his other HBO stuff!


      Yeah. This sadly is what worries me. I'm sort if sorry I started reading them.

    Every moment he spends doing other stuff is less time he has to complete the ASOIAF series, and I'd really like a George R R Martin written conclusion to that series. I would hate to see a Wheel of Time situation happen to this series.

      Although the last three books were better than any of the WoT books after the third

        It's still no small tragedy to die before your life's most significant body of work is completed, regardless of what that work may be or who might do it better.

          Yeah. I remember when Stephen King got hit by that car years ago. My first thought was "he hasn't finished The Dark Tower yet!" Luckily he pulled through, and I guess it lit a fire under him to get on with it and finish it.

            So you're saying Martin has to nearly die before he rises stronger than ever before!?

              Pretty much :P. Nothing like a brush with death to get somebody focused on what they're going to do with the rest of their life :P

              maybe his house will burn down, and he'll emerge from the ashes unscathed, clutching only an unburnt laptop to his chest, purpose forged anew...

              Depends on what you call stronger. For a period, King wrote some questionable stuff shortly after his accident, but even he said that was his catharsis, his 'dealing' with it... learning to sort it out etc. In the long run he's come out of it and 'something' there has changed that's for sure.

                It also pretty obviously inspired him to write Duma Key, which I rate as one of his very best books.

                What I didn't like was the way he went and dusted off old novels he'd discarded and rewrote / polished them up and released them. I'm talking about Under The Dome and Blaze here. I don't know if that was due to lack of inspiration as he worked through the aftermath of the accident or what, but they were pretty ordinary pieces of work.

                  He also release Dreamcatcher. A mess of a book. One of his worst.

                  Yep. Duma key was fantastic. My mate won that art competition they had for it. Has an awesome signed, leatherbound copy of it in a big ass frame... veh nice.

                  Damn, I'd forgotten about (or maybe repressed the memory of) Dreamcatcher. That was bloody awful.

                  Apparently Russell Crowe is now tentatively attached to play Roland Deschain if they manage to get The Dark Tower adaptation off the ground. I really hope that doesn't happen - I'm not a big Russell Crowe fan. I liked the idea of Javier Bardem when they had him attached to it. I reckon Viggo Mortensen would be a good option, too. But not Crowe :(

            I personally felt the way Mr King wrote his car accident and himself into the Dark Tower books was terrible.
            For me it ruined what was to that point a very good story.

        I disagree, RJ tends to ramble on and on, but everything becomes more epic after the third book, so a certain amount of rambling on is necessary. The first 3 is essentially a story about a small group of people fighting against evil aka standard fantasy fare. The ones after that starts to become more and more about large scale war and political intrigue. I personally loved 5, 9 and 11. 12 was also good, but the mistakes that BS made with the supporting cast and spelling etc annoyed me quite a bit.

      I hear ya Beardy. Spent 14 years reading Wheel of Time, and would hate to have to face the same dilema as when RJ died. He at least had plenty of warning and was able to gather enough info for a replacement. George on the other hand has stated he doesnt know how the series will end, so if he goes, so does Ice and Fire......

        He has stated he has given HBO enough info on how to end the series incase he does die prematurely. However, the direction may change by the time the final book comes out if he is still around.

          No comfort in that. The HBO show is the bread before the main meal. Its nice bread, but its not why i went to the restaurant.

    If it's prequels, I don't mind a mini Dunk & Egg series. Even the backstory of the fall of the targyreans would be good. The world RR Martin created is incredibly rich in history and lore.

      Targyrean focus would give away too much for those not current in the story. My money would be on Dunk & Egg or perhaps the fall of Valyria.

    Yes yes, I know George isnt my bitch. But cmon, 5 year wait for Feast and another 6 for Dance? Neither of which were of the same quality as the first 3. I stuck with Wheel of Time till the end, I will do the same here. But still, FINISH THE DAMN BOOKS GEORGE, then play with your TV series.

    im sorry HBO need to make a mini series or TV Movie...

    ROBERTS REBELLION... enough said.. make it and take my money now!!!


      That was my first thought. I was thinking of how HBO did Spartacus: Gods of the Arena as a prequel in between Blood and Sand and Vengeance.

    One based on the hero of light would be good. But it might get a bit monotonous with the long night that lasted generations...

    "What's that?? Over there!!"

    "Ah... I dunno... It's too dark..."


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