A History Of Adventure Games, Told Through Awesome Art

Artist Jón Kristinsson runs a site called Point n' Clicking, where he posts images of famous adventure game characters (or casts). Some are recent, some are old, some are very old, but all are fantastic, capturing the spirit and tone of the games they're paying homage to.

Some highlights below, but you really check out the whole collection on Kristinsson's site, where you'll also find links to buy them as prints.

Point n' Clicking [Site]


    I recognise almost all of the pictures, but the way Maggie is holding that rod...

    THE DIG!!

    Oh wait, we're not supposed to guess this time

      Some say it's the answer to life, the universe and everything, other say it's a game of a bygone era. All we know, is that it's called; The Dig.

    Anyone ever play Rama? Everything i love about out there adventure games. Giant octopus to Shakespeare. But damn that maths was hard at 12-13.

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