A Hundred Years Later, Here’s What We’ll Leave Behind

A Hundred Years Later, Here’s What We’ll Leave Behind

It’s 2013. But, in the year 2113, I’ll be dead. So will you. But some of the things we own will live on.

Japanese artist Maico Akiba has a series called “100 Years Later”. As website Spoon & Tamago points out, Akiba adds what she calls “aging paint” to a variety of modern possessions that range from electronics to clothes. They end up rusted and covered in moss.

Look around you: your computer, your consoles, and most of your stuff can and probably will outlive you.

Akiba’s work shows the ephemeral nature of our own lives and the longevity of our possessions.


Maico Akiba [Official Site via Spoon & Tamago]


  • Considering most of todays tech is actually only built to last a few years I would be quite surprised if any tech I own outlives me or even my pets.

  • Old cartridge games are already failing from bit-rot, and CDs aren’t designed to last 100 years… I have a strong feeling I will outlast all my electronic possessions.

    • Wear and tear is different to aging.. Plastics aren’t biodegradable – and will take potentially thousands of years to break down, and even then – it’s due to mechanical weathering from the elements, so only into smaller pieces, never just disolved back into the environment..

  • Kind of dumb.. Stuff like the fingernails are really more.. stylistic than anything to do with “what we’ll leave behind” as they will 100% rot very quickly.. The calculator is made of plastic, but for some reason half one of the buttons has rotted away but the rest of the button has not..

    The ink on everything would be the first things to go (if you’ve ever found something buried for a while you’ll know this one), but the writing is the one thing more or less intact on most of it..

    They didnt even go to the effort of unplugging the coke machine, and everything inside would be faded (once again if youve ever found rubbish in the bush), and more or less looks like any older coke machine made of iron left outside for 10 years or so without maintenance..

  • the greatest fact of life is that the whole of human society will be outlived by that one game boy that survived a bomb blast…

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