A New Web Series That Brings DayZ Into The Real World

A New Web Series That Brings DayZ Into The Real World

DayZ is the kind of game that creeps into the real world with you regardless, so it’s fitting that the filmmakers at DDay Hollywood have decided to make a web series called “Apocalypse DayZ”, which reimagines the game in the real world.

These are the same folks responsible for that funny video about turning up the game’s brightness, and they’re funding their news series with an Indiegogo fundraising drive.

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  • Sort of OT, but should I get into DayZ now or should I just wait for the imminent standalone release? Will the game be changing much?

    • Standalone has been pushed back so if you’re impatient to try it out I’d say there’s enough content there now to keep you entertained with private servers and vehicle servers and the like. Otherwise, if the PvP side of DayZ appeals to you, check out the Arma 3 alpha, not much more than the Arma 2 content required for DayZ and gives you the whole game upon release. Plus it’s damn fun.

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