A Quick Fix For Tomb Raider's Crash-Happy PC Version

I've been looking forward to playing Tomb Raider on PC for the last week, ever since Evan's review made me think, "OK, yep, sounds like this is indeed my kinda game." I booted it up, played through the opening bit that I'd played at press events, and upon making my way past the dangling LOST-airplane... the game crashed to desktop.

Uh-oh. I fired it up again, and it crashed again. I made it to the first campsite... and crash.

It seems that the problem is with GeForce graphics cards — I'm using a 660Ti, and plenty of other users have reported similar problems. NVidia says it's working on a fix, but in the meantime, I (and plenty of others) have found an easy way to make the game stop crashing: turn off tessellation.

After toggling the tessellation switch to "off", my game hasn't crashed a single time. This being PC gaming, there will probably be a few other issues, but tessellation seems to solve the most common one. While it seems likely that either Crystal Dynamics will patch the game or NVidia will release a new driver for their graphics cards, in the meantime, to get the game to run without crashing, say goodbye to your lovely tessellated polygons, at least for a little while. Don't worry, the game still looks good.

I'll have more thoughts on Tomb Raider's PC port pretty soon.


    I crashed just before I got to that plane. I updated to the latest Nvidia beta drivers and haven't crashed since.

    i haven't crashed once. it's a very good PC port imo.

    I'm about 5 hours in and haven't had an issue on my 570s, except for when I put TressFX on and my FPS plummet to 10.

    GTX 660Ti, all settings maxed out, about six hours in.
    Not a single crash or hiccup.

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      warcroft, iam also using GTX 660 Ti. but i get the stopped working thing aall the time.
      what driver exactly are u using for your 660 ti? do u turn tesselation and tressFX on?
      the game freeze at about 10 mins playing. i need help a lot. thanks brother.. :D
      very appreciated.

    fine for me.....this game is friggen gorgeous and so many graphic settings...I'm running it on full blast and its great excpept mabye the frame rate dips when theres a cutscene with alot of charachters

    670 here, it's been rock solid for me as well, aside from not starting if I had it in full screen exclusive mode.

    Have been crashing here (not heaps but still) with an ATi HD6970 so not sure its localised just to nVidia cards

    GTX670; crash to desktop every 5 mins. After rolling back to the 310 drivers seems fine. Tress hair is extremely resource hungry though.

    I am on an AMD 6950 and until I read this article I never heard of a crash. my only issue is with the subtitles masking the occasional QTE prompt(rock crush anyone), and on my Phenom II 955 OCed to 3.7GHz with my 12GB RAM I am enjoying 42fps with fraps on record

    It's been crashing on my ps3 aswell..
    everytime i go to press start and it crashes, have to recover everytime aswell!

    I've had no issues running this on HD5850 crossfire. All maxed (with TressFX, as glitchy as it may be) except for AA being FXAA and averaging about 30fps. Not one crash, great port!

    hd 6950 2g here and haven't seen a crash yet, not any problems actually, maybe its a problem with specific hardware.

    but yeah an amazing game. sucks that you are having to deal with crashes, makes it a lot harder to enjoy the game when you are constantly needing to reopen it.

    Running max settings everywhere on 6990 OC and its average framerate is 57fps. such a beautiful game and not one crash after 8hrs of gameplay so far. excellent!! It is a full rip off of umcharted gameplay/cutscenes etc.. But its still pretty and fun to play. good foe the xbox and pc gamers that cant get uncharted i guess :)

    Runs awesome, I'm using a 7950 so no problems, in fact i wish i could crank the settings higher than ultimate :D

    love it my msi n580gtx makes it my bitch :)

    GTX 670, played for 7 hours last night with all settings (except the hair) maxed out. Runs beautifully, looks amazing and zero crashes. I'm just sad about a lack of camera axis inversions.

    GeForce Titan.. Game is perfection on it.

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