A Slenderman Easter Egg That Is Cute Yet Unsettling

Slenderman: scary, yes? Possibly the last thing I'd expect while playing something other than a Slenderman game. Oh, but he's out there, waiting, in Runner2 according to this video by Epsilonic.

Kind of the last place I'd expect him (it?) to appear, to be honest — then again, I'm not too far into the game myself.

Slender Man in Runner2: Future Legend of Rhythm Alien [Epsilonic]


    Wow. Never would have expected this. I'm a massive fan of BIT.TRIP, and Runner 2 of course, and in the 'Art Pipeline' video that the developers posted on their YouTube channel, one of the devs is making the Slenderman on the screen behind him!


    Anything involving slenderman only serves to remind me that I had an ex that got offended when I laughed right in her face when she told me there was this guy slenderman that was showing up in all these couple of kids videos who went missing and then the tapes were somehow found..

    Like, jesus..

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