A Visual History Of Video Game...Toilets


    Here is some paper to clean up this crap.

      Serrels article shits all over Plunkets, then flushes it down the drain like a grog bog...

      I realise this may be a repost for the US folks who may not have seen Mark's original article, but my goodness, Mark managed two paragraphs of thoughtful writing concerning the matter at hand. Not purposely trying to be aggressive but surely you could have at least done one?

    See now I'd say "well they don't look at the AUKotaku" but we know for a fact that Luke pops in from time to time. I think we should all give him stern looks of disapproval, and perhaps no dessert after dinner.

    not as comprehensive as i thought the list would be, missed out HEAPS, maybe they will get there eventually

    Playing Bioshock the other day and found 2 potatoes in a toilet to make it look like a poo. I proceeded to eat the poo looking potatoes... Yum yum

    Luke I think you need to quit. You obviously have no passion for this industry. Maybe try fast food?

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