Acoustic Piano Meets Chiptunes, And It's Freakin' Lovely

Chiptune music is all well and good, but I like to give my ear something to hold onto along with all the bleeps and bloops. So I very much enjoy Aivi & Surasshu's new album "The Black Box," which mixes the keyboard chops of pianist Aivi Tran and the chiptune stylings of Surasshu.

It helps, of course, that the original compositions are lush, melodic, and well put-together, and the covers — including Yoshihito Yano's "Lonely Rolling Star" from Katamari Damacy, are approached with faithful enthusiasm.

As a neat touch, the album-download comes bundled with a cool 14-page comic from Diana Jakobsson, who also did the cover art above. It's nice; here's the first page:

The whole album captures a jazzy, melody-obsessed video-game pastiche, and I've been really enjoying it. Head on over to Bandcamp and give it a listen.


    Neato. I love juxtaposing chiptune with various genres.

    I do this myself with my own project. surf guitar, reverb and gameboy=chipsurf (yes i am shamelessly self promoting)

    Melodic chiptune blend? Check!
    Name your price? Check!
    ...looks like I have another BandCamp page to follow...which usually means I get lost trawling all the other good PWYW chiptune albums and game soundtracks :D

      Yup, I've now spent another $50 on Bandcamp today >_>;

    I've been listening to this ever since I saw it on /r/chiptunes a few days ago.

    It's absolutely lovely, and it has a really neat story to go with it.

    "Here's How!" is such a great track.

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