Activision's Next-Gen Soldier Graphics Crawl Straight Out Of The Uncanny Valley

During a talk at GDC earlier today, attended by GameSpot, Activision artists showed off what they think/hope next-gen character models will look like. While stressing that these are just exploratory models, and not in-game assets, the fact this is Activision, and that there's a soldier there, will still be pointing towards the obvious: your next Call of Duty — or at least its cutscenes — might just look like this.

In addition to screenshots, more of which are available at GameSpot, the team also showed off an animation video showing a character moving in real time, which weirdly looks almost identical to the guy seen at 8:45 in this video.

Activision shows off next-gen visuals [GameSpot]


    Yeah, that has to be the same as the "guy" in the Nvidia video they called Ira, he even says the same stuff about parfait and frozen fruit.

    Uncanny Valley? I wasn't aware videogames could have such a thing.

      The people in Medal of Honor: Warfighter fit right into the valley, and further onto the Valley of Uncanny Terror.

    Why make female models for demonstration purposes when they never include them as playable models in the multiplayer anyway?

      Yeah, did nobody tell them that women can't sell videogames, and that guys would feel awkward if a female character they're controlling kisses a man?

    Activision cuts and pastes tech demo from Nvidia demo... big surprise.

    the video did a good job of making me want to eat some frozen fruit.

    Looks incredibly realistic ... until he smiles and then it's like 'holy shit that's creepy as fuck ima have nightmares!!!'

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