After Over 13 Years, Ash's Charizard Returns To The Pokémon Anime

Ash's Charizard is back. That's right, because tonight on Pokémon: Best Wishes!, Pocket Monster trainer Ash once again got his Charizard.

Fans of the anime will know that this Charizard is the fifth Pokémon Ash nabbed, and tonight's episode, told partly in flashbacks, gave the Pocket Monster's backstory.

The Charizard became Ash's most powerful, but the monster grew distant, and they finally parted ways, with Ash leaving his Charizard in a valley filled with other powerful Charizards. (Though, to be honest, Charizard did pop up a few times after that!)

In this latest episode, Ash's Charizard is returning as a regular character on Pokémon: Best Wishes!. So you can see the character on a weekly basis starting next week!

リザードンさん [@ao_Mitsune] リザードン太った…?ん...? [@skn_usk] リザードン [@tohopoke] ポケモンはリザードンが好きだぁぁぁ! [@StsoT] リザードンやべぇ!!!!!!! [@Rocky_chan] やっぱリザードン先輩かっけーわ [@Mr_sakuramoti] アニポケ今回神回だったな リザードン泣けるわ [@_O_NOEL_O] 【アニポケ】ポケモントレーナー・サトシ君(10)のパーティに、リザードンがレギュラー復活!約13年ぶり [はちま起稿]


    Looks like he hasn't been on a diet in 13 years either

      Looks like Ash hasn't aged in 13 years too.

      And i havent paid attention to the Pokemon anime in 13 years, did Ash ever become a Pokemon Master?

        I'm pretty sure he's ended up choking in every League attempt he's had so far, normally around the semi-finals.

          Far out. Theres no hope for Ash.

    I didnt realise that a returning pokemon was such a big deal.

    As someone currently up to season 8 of the current 16, thank you for spoiling this for me... Didn't even give me a chance since the spoiler was in the headline.

      Considering he is mentioning the Best Wishes series, which is being translated as Season 17 of the English run, you've got a loooooong time to forget before you'll see this episode

        Best Wishes is currently season 14 and 15, with Season 16 airing shortly (Unless this is from the Japanese season 17, I only follow the current seasons in English).

        But anyway, my problem... I hear shit like this, I will not forget... I wish I could, one of the few reasons I refuse to do any Game of Thrones research on the internet.

          Yes it is from Japanese season 17. I think it's referred to as Best Wishes 2 over there or something. The English seasons just started a new one and I constantly get confused as to which season is what


    I still remember when I got my Charizard card in a booster pack. It was at Harris Scarfe and mum and I were walking out after she begrudgingly bought me another set of cards.

    Flicking through and I see that shiny orange redish card and my little 7 year old heart skips about 10 beats as I proceed to drop to the floor screaming at the top of my lungs "CHARIZARD!!! CHARIZARDD!!!!!!!!"

    Mum had to drag me out as I drooled all over the place and barked at anyone who got too close in case they wanted to take my Charizard away from me ;_;

    Last edited 08/03/13 9:18 am

      I still have my Charizard card... And I remember having an extremely similar reaction as you.... oh god, bring back childhood plz

    Wow, that *WOULD* have been a pleasant suprise... :-/

      Unless you're right up to date with the series, you'll probably forget if you wait for the English version to hit television... Or unless you are watching the Japanese series, then you're screwed


    Spends 13 years becoming a better trainer ...
    Charizard still doesn't respect him

      Except, you know, that Charizard has started respecting him long before he was left in the Charicific Valley.

      To be fair, he hasn't really become a better trainer. He's about as inept as he ever has been. "A ground-type, huh? Better send out my Pikachu!"

      Lovable little scamp, though.

    I haven't watched the anime in years and i find this exciting.

    what if.... the pokemon developer wants to bring back the old pokemon players from gen 1 and 2?!


    Omg... I knew there's a reason why I haven't been watching pokemon for 13 years!!

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