Ah, So This Is What It Takes To Paint Lara Croft

Here is Josh Summana, the guy behind this very cool time-lapse of a Tomb Raider digital painting. Naturally, he includes the grime and the cuts Lara suffers in her newest game. Gotta show us that grit.

It's difficult to watch speed paintings like this one and not feel awed by how much attention to detail is involved in making works of art, eh?

Pixel Vision #07 - Tomb Raider Contest (Time Lapse) [8bitEGO]


    Pretty awesome. Appreciate the skill it takes to do this but I do miss the days of an actual paint and brush for this kind of stuff.

      He's using a wacom tablet and pen, pretty much the modern equivalent. Even the smart 'palette' is oldschool.

        Yeah I know what he is using, my brother has one. But I still wonder if given paint and a paint brush if he could get even remotely close to the same out come.

          yeah, paint prush and canvas ain't got no ctrl+z

            skills and principals are the same - it might have taken 3 canvases but I reckon the artist could do the same in physical medium.

    Amazing art, but that song damned-near killed me... it's just a cacophony of sound...

    Really cool, always amazing what skilled artists can do.

    Wow they still use palette like in the old days. So cool

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