Al Gore Made A Game. Guess What It's About?

In July 2011, after a somewhat clueless Al Gore keynoted the Games for Change conference in New York, Kotaku wrote that the former vice president should try playing a video game. In March 2013, Gore announced that he had done one better and created a video game instead. And guess what it's about?

OK, so Reality Drop is not really a video game. It's more like a gamified (yeah, I said it) database of science-backed climate change facts called "reality drops" that you can easily copy and paste into Tweets, Youtube comments and your poor friends' Facebook walls. In fact, the more you flood the internet with truth, the more points you get.

So what are you waiting for? Get spamming! Oh, and please check out the video of Gore trying to work a computer. It's pretty killer.


    Im sorry Mr. Gore, but whenever I see you I just cant help but think of ManBearPig.

    Don't support this...I have a insider that told me DLC's are coming.

      on disc dlc? day one patch was a nightmare.

    Here I was thinking it would be about running for US President.

    No matter what you did, a YOU LOSE screen would appear.

    I was hoping it was about man bear pig

      ok, the rest of you go home. Mike W wins with this.

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