Aliens: Colonial Marines, A Comedy In Three Parts

The consensus seems to be that Aliens: Colonial Marines isn't a very good game. But that doesn't mean Aliens can't lend itself to entertaining playthrough videos. Ah, the wonders of YouTube.

Enter the always-amusing Criken, who has been uploading his playthrough of Aliens: Colonial Marines to YouTube for the past couple of weeks. He just finished the series this weekend, and it's definitely worth watching in its entirety. It goes through the good, the bad and the ugly of the game. Mostly the latter two.

The benefit of watching these is that you can see what people go on about when they criticise Colonial Marines, but without having to play yourself. And you'll probably have a laugh along the way — pretty good deal, if you ask me.

The first video is above. Here are the next two:

I noted something was off with the AI when I played, but I had no idea it could get this goofy. Then again, I could say that about a lot of what Criken shows in these.

Aliens Colonial Marines: Close Encounters of the 1st Kind [Criken2] Aliens Colonial Marines: Close Encounters of the 2nd Kind [Criken2] Aliens Colonial Marines: Close Encounters of the 3rd Kind [Criken2]


    I would rate this as moderately entertaining. These things are always funnier when they show the dialogue of the players in fancy text, for some reason.

    10/10 best Patricia article in months.

      Didn't she review the sewer level with exploding, blind aliens and give it 10/10?

    What an appalling looking game :/ I mean I'd heard it was bad but now I've seen it in action and it looks terrible.

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