All The Final Fantasy XIII Digital Cuddling You Can Handle

Final Fantasy XIII has sexual tension. Ditto for its sequel, Final Fantasy XIII-2. Some apparently thought the tension wasn't palpable enough. So they took things into their own hands — digitally.

Over on DeviantArt, several talented digital artists have their visions of Final Fantasy XIII pairings — some of which you might agree with and some of which you might not. That's not really the point!

The point is that many are using XNALara or its source code spin-off XNA Posing Studio to pose digital models of Final Fantasy XIII characters for impressive and intimate results.

Below, you can see the work of DeviantArt members LoneWolf117 (top photo), NovaCrystallisXIII, xHeeendlx, LuLuInDaHouse and Heeendl. There's more info about these digital works on each artist's page, so do have a look.

You know, looking at all these photos in a single scroll makes it seem like the Final Fantasy XIII characters are totally getting around. Likewise, not the point!

SnowxLight: Opposites//Attract//Scars, SnowxLight: Wash Away Our Sins, SnowxLight: Just Once, SnowxLightning: Rainy Date Night, NoelxSerah: Smiles All Around, FangRaines: Icy Passion, FangxSnow: Enthralled, SnowxVanille: Need A Lift?, VanillexHope: Interrupted By Fireworks, SnowxSerah: Promise to Protect [[email protected]] Lightning x Hope: A little break, Lightning x Fang: Beachtime, Lightning x Hope: I'll never leave you, Lightning x Hope: Sunset, Lightning x Hope: Come closer [[email protected]] Lightning and Snow: Heroes never die , Lightning and Hope: Pulsian Sun, Lightning and Hope: Peaceful Moment [[email protected]] Love [[email protected]] Serah And Noel: Dancing In The Rain [[email protected]t]


    Is it wrong 90% of it looks like lesbian porn?

      That's Hope for you. He seems to perfectly fit into that pseudo masculine role.

        The only one that even remotely looks like a guy is Snow from 13!

        Ellen Degeneres looks like she can bench more than him.

    In other news, Final Fantasy XI: Seekers of Adoulin is out now:

    there was already plenty of sexual tension in XIII. no need for more, in mo humble opinion

    Im sufficiently creeped out

    Seeing Lightning and Snow together is creeping me out more than any of the others for some reason

    That said Lightning and Fang will never creep me out, just make me a creep

    Last edited 27/03/13 8:46 pm

      Yeah it is un-natural, considering Lightning loves her sister so much she would never seduce her fiance.

    I find the Lightning and Hope pairings a little creepy, considering Hope is only 14 in FF13, and Lightning is in her 20s. O_O

    Anyway, the people who made these have talent, though I find their use of said talent a little creepy overall. :| Each to their own, I suppose.

      As far as I can see all the Hope images are from FF13-2 i.e. adult Hope.

    Review of the pairings:
    Lightning + Snow = No,
    Lightning + 13-2 Hope = Yes,
    Serah + Noel = Yes++
    Lightning + Fang = um, Ok!
    Fang + Snow = No,
    Hope + Vanille = Yes,

    Missing pairings:
    Fang + Vanille
    Hope + Alyssa
    Snow + Serah
    Noel + Yeul
    and a non sexual, but equally warm Lightning + Serah.

    No love for Sazh. He would be the creepy old guy though.

    Of the ones posted the Fang and the evil white hair guy one looks like it could of even come from the game =\

    Last edited 28/03/13 11:13 am

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