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The PS Vita is the Dreamcast of handhelds. I get the feeling that, commercially, it'll never be the massive success Sony wants it to be, but it's a genuinely great handheld with some genuinely good games, particularly if you want to play some of top notch indie games released on PSN. Good news there's yet another solid PS Vita deal doing the rounds...

If you head here, to Amazon's German site, it's possible to get a PS Vita, with LittleBigPlanet for $191 delivered. Also worthy of note: it's the 3G version. Pretty good deal.

I can't decide if all these Vita deals are a good thing for the device, or a bad sign. Probably the latter, but if you've been holding off on buying one, now might be the time.

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    So far it has more games than I'd buy on my 3DS. That may change by the end of the year, but it will be a close call.

    I think, just because people are content playing first party mini games on every Nintendo console released doesn't mean great hardware like the vita should be judged harshly in comparison due to greater expectations.

    People should definitely buy and support the vita.

      This has definitely been my experience owning both systems too. I've spent more time playing DS games on my 3DS. Plus I feel a lot safer buying PSN content and such off Sony than I do off Nintendo, since Sony actually has a proper account and store infrastructure and I know if my Vita was lost, stolen or destroyed I wouldn't lose my games.

      To be honest I'm not into portable gaming at all. Haven't own a dedicated portable gaming system since my original Gameboy, and my Atari Lynx.

      I won't buy a Vita, but that doesn't mean I prefer the competition, because I won't buy a 3DS either. Neither system has enough to interest me. It was the same story with the PSP and DS. Didn't own either of them, because neither of them impressed me.

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        I wasn't either, but I have some long commutes for work coming up (ADL -> BNE). what better time. Plus now I look forward to the bus ride home so I can get through another level of Unchartered or MGS (2/3). Also figure I may watch some TV shows that my wife wasn't into (like Mr Show with Bob and David)

          Oh don't get me wrong, I like my gaming, and I too have a reasonably lengthy (>50 minutes) train ride to and from work each day that I could easily spend portable gaming. I actually have an Xperia Play phone that I play games on fairly frequently, as well as a Nexus 7 tablet.

          The problem is, neither major dedicated portable gaming system on the market impresses me, and neither interests me enough to get one. If one of them stood out to me, I would have jumped on it, but neither have.

          The aforementioned Atari Lynx I think is the true Dreamcast of portable consoles. Such a great system for it's time, but unfortunately it was competing with the Gameboy.

      It's not our responsibility to 'support' the Vita. Sony should justify why I should sink a couple hundred bucks on something rather than take the leap of faith, we're well outside "early adopter" window now. Currently, the only games that pull me into the Vita are remakes. Whatever happened to all those great PSP games like Daxter, Valkyria Chronicles 2, the Ridge Racers, Ace Combat and Jeanne D'arc? Sequelise them ASAP. This thing is rotting on the vine.

    Cheers Just ordered it, I've been waiting for it to get below 200.

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    I tend to think/hope that perhaps the vita might pick up when the PS4 hits and the games for it have really solid crossplay features. That's the reason I'm looking to get one, especially considering PS4 will be about games and Microsoft is going to lean toward more overall entertainment.

    Where is this figure of $191 coming from - at the current exchange rate, 172 Euros is equivalent to 209 AUD?

    Am I doing something wrong?

    If you head here, to Amazon’s German site, it’s possible to get a PS Vita, with LittleBigPlanet for $191 delivered. Also worthy of note: it’s the 3G version. Pretty good deal.

    Not quite Mark. It's not the 3G version, that is for the WiFi model.

    Vita (WiFi) = EUR 170,00
    Vita (WiFi + 3G) = EUR 249,80
    Vita (WiFi) + LBP = EUR 170,00
    Vita (WiFi) + Sly Cooper = EUR 249,80
    Vita (WiFi) + AssCreed 3 + 4GB memory card = EUR 190,00
    Vita (WiFi) + FIFA 13 + 4GB memory card = EUR 230,25
    Vita (WiFi) + PS All Stars Battle Royal = EUR 249,00

    Unless you REALLY want LBP, the AssCreed bundle looks like the best value.

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      Little know fact: 'AssCreed' was the working title for Dragon's Crown:

    I just got my Vita this week. $249 with LBP. You need to figure the comparatively ludicrously expensive Vita memory card to the equation too. I ended up with the 16 Gb (about $50)
    I am looking forward to whatever the PS4 cross-play comes out with, and with having PS plus I haven't had to purchase any games; 3 quality freebies off the bat. FYI; the games are generally 2-3 Gb each, so figure that with the memory card consideration.

      I can't believe they STILL haven't released the 32GB card in Australia yet... WTF.

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        I bought one here, from Dicksmith...

          Oh.... all the searched I've done have come up empty. how much was it? I ordered one off Ebay for 85 rods.
          EDIT: $117! fuck that in the butt butt.

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            Yeah, I wanted one right away so I took the bad deal.

    Most people that weren't Sony diehards or employees expected the Vita would struggle.
    Not because of it being a bad system (which it isn't) but because handheld gaming is becoming synonymous with phones and tablets.
    A dedicated gaming device like the VIta is now a very niche market.
    It may pick up a bit when the PS4 is released but that remains to be seen.
    Considering the lacklustre sales of the Wii U which has a similar type of function I wouldn't be holding my breath.
    It's a shame because the Vita is a really could piece of hardware. When I have some spare cash free up (after the wedding) I will likely pick one up.
    Especially since I will also likely grab a PS4 when it comes out.

    The vita is pretty great! If you're gonna get one, though, I'd recommend getting a 16GB card; there are so many great games on the PSN, that 4GB is definitely not enough.

    Vita sales have gone up sharply in Japan since the price cut a month or so back. You'd think it'd be a pretty obvious move to push that price cut out to other markets as well. The price cut was in late February. In February they sold just over 36,000 units. In March they've sold over 158,000 units, and March isn't even over yet. Meanwhile sales in other territories have tracked slightly downwards over the same period.

    There's obviously demand for the machine out there if they can get the pricing right. And the cost of stupid proprietary memory cards isn't helping them in that regard.

    Ehhh, it'll be bundled with the PS4, I'm sure.

      you hope :)

        Won't affect me, dude. The PS4 is on my "kinda would like, but absolutely zero chance of affording it until 2017" list

          Yeah, I won't be jumping on quickly. Only had a PS3 for just over a year now.

          I'm leaning more and more toward handhelds, I've always had one, but these days I feel I only get my moneys worth on them.

    If you take these Amazon-Special-Deal to buy your Vita in Germany, you can get the Vita with, LBP and Need for Speed for 174,99€:

    Long URL:

    Greetings from Germany :)

    Got my standalone 3G console from COTD for $199 :D

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