Ask Phil Fish If Fez Is Coming To Steam...

'Is Fez coming to Steam?' This is the question that the game's creator Phil Fish asked to be asked over Twitter. And the answer is yes.

What else is there to say — the above image says it all really. Phil Fish first said, yes, Fez is coming to Steam. He then asked people to ask him the same question, which he then answered in the affirmative. A strange way to announce the fact that your game is coming to Steam, but a pretty cool way also.

I think I may just, to double check, ask Phil Fish if Fez is coming to Steam.

Fez was one of my personal favourite games released on Xbox LIVE in 2012. It's a mind-bending, space-altering game that will make your head hurt. It also has some seriously strange, post-modern puzzles which I love. It's a very good, super interesting video game and you should play it. Steam listings show that Fez will be available on May 1 this year.


    Great news, I'll get this when it's inevitably discounted during one of the Steam sales.

      Seriously its such a great game, dont wait for a sale, pick it up at full price i gaurantee you wont be disapointed (as long as you like hard as f%$k brain ruining puzzle games).

        Yep I love stuff like Braid & Limbo, and I've played the Fez demo on 360 and thought it was pretty cool. It's just that when I pay full price for a game, I usually don't play it right away, so might as well wait for a while for it to go a bit cheaper.

          i understand that, but in certain cases like FEZ where the game is worth the full amount im all for paying.

    Finally. I hope it is successful and has a very long tail like many other Steam games so Phil can recoup some of the money and potential profits he may have lost in that unfortunate deal with Microsoft. Then he can just let the money trickle in and focus on making something new and fun.

    Was the image supposed to be a screencap of Twitter? I'm not sure how "the above image says it all". As of this writing it's a screenshot of Fez.

      It's one of those Post-Modern puzzles. There's also a message about Half-Life episode 3 in there.

    One of my favourite games of 2012. One day when I came back home from work, I found my gf playing this and having a bed covered in notes of symbols. She was definitely engrossed and started pointing out the same tetris symbols in the real world.

    I can only recommend people play this, theres nothing else like it.

    I wonder how bugged it'll be when he initially ports it....

      Chortle least we'll be able to get patches if it is indeed buggy.

    Now to wait for the Steam-free version! =D

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