Assassin's Creed IV Is Out October 29, According To This Leaked Trailer

Via GamesRadar, this is the leaked first trailer for Assassin's Creed IV: Black Flag. In the trailer, a grizzled pirate describes Captain Edward Kenway.

"There was a time I thought myself the deadliest scourge of these seas," the pirate says. "But this man..."

We then see Kenway hacking, slashing and doing his assassin thing. The trailer ends on the silhouette of Kenway.

It also states Assassin's Creed IV will be out October 29 for PS3, PS4, Wii U, Xbox 360, PC and "also next-gen consoles".

GamesRadar (trailer has since been removed) [YouTube]


    Interesting... I loved the sailing/naval combat parts of AC3 the most, so this is one to keep an eye on.

    Also interesting to note that it's out October 29 "on PS4" indicating the console is out by then... hmm... *strokes beard*

      It wouldn't surprise me if they released it before the PS4 launch for other platforms and released it at launch for the PS4, much like they did with AC3 and Wii U.

    Well it was cool and all, but nothing we haven't already seen before.

    Assassin's creed really is becoming ubisoft's CoD, isn't it. They were supposed to have told the original trilogy's story already, but are we gonna get to a point where we see a new side story told every year?

      It's BEEN Ubis COD since Revelations came out, 4 games. This is just beyond a joke now. It's not a true part 4 really. 3 had a whole new engine, was worked on for years etc etc etc. This is really 3.5.

      Either way to me, Brotherhood felt more like a real part 3 anyhow *shrug*

    Anotherwords, uses the same engine as 3, rushed sequel and the next gen version will be like the first incarnation of the 360 games, slightly improved visuals, better framerate and other than that, the only thing that seperates it, an inflated price...

    Hey, that's how it went for the 1st gen 360 games.

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    I was a little put off by AC3. Although it had some great ideas, I felt there was a lack of polish that shined so well in the AC2 trilogy. Personally I'd love to see a return of the controls from ACB, mixed with the new ideas that worked in AC3. Fingers crossed that one year is enough.

    The Assassin's garb in amongst a bunch of pirates really doesn't seem right. What happened to Desmond?

      You might want to play through ACIII for the answer to that one. Anything that one might say about it heads into major spoiler territory.

    Guaranteed to be voiced by Troy Baker. Probably.

    One thing in their favour - Ubisoft know how to make a damn good trailer.

    However, AC3 burnt me pretty badly so I'll wait until closer to release to make up my mind on this one.

    Rushed game to cash in on next gen console game shortage at release time.

    Yeah they always make good trailers. You see them and wish there was a whole motion capped movie ala Tin Tin done of them.

    Now to be honest, I think this may have more potential than AC3. Which I barely played because it did nothing for me. If they actually can have a good story, not too long. Interesting locations it could be quite sweet. As far as how rushed it is, we don't really know. I never got to the ship stuff in AC3, so don't know how much caribean stuff there is, but the idea of a pirate AC sounds cool to me.

    Too short a time to be a new engine so maybe they'll have worked out the kinks this time round. Might still wait for a review or 3 first

    Ignoring everything else... does anyone really think Blackbeard would be singing the virtues of another ships captain over his own?

      I thought the same thing, especially since Edward "Blackbeard" Teach went to extra lengths to ensure people feared himself. (Hence the lit matches in the beard thing.)

    That trailer looked really fancy, but nothing else really appealed to me. The AC III reveal trailer still gives me chills, but this, I don't know, just kinda disappointing.

    If this is AC3 with bugfixes, pirates and better pacing, It'll be great.

    Never been a fan of the Assassin's Creed series

    But I'll admit this has be interested

    A pretty but rather average trailer compared to the previous ones. Playing as pirates with the AC3 naval combat sounds like a cool concept, but so did the American revolution, and I don't think I've played a more boring game :/

    In other words, everyone who buys this game is a pirate
    Well played Ubi.

    I'm surprised no-one has uses LOL Limewire yet...

    This is the direction AC needs to go. . .

    would be interesting to see why a game like this is being made, and why its Haytham's father its focusing on. Is Connor doing research on his family tree?

    I hope Rollins does one of the voices.

    I'd like to say all the "they're making too many etc", but It'll be more like "TAKE MY MONEY" for me, when it is released, like always.

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