Aussie Nintendo Store: King Of The Castle(vania)

If you're a 3DS owner, I have great news for you. You're got a couple good games to download this week. Wii owners too you're blessed with another Neo Geo classic. Wii U owners… well maybe you could like do the latest system update. That's fun.

The 3DS gets the new retail game, its Castlevania: Lords of Shaow - Mirror of Fate. If it had anymore subtitles it would kill you. That one actually doesn't go on sale until the 9th, but it will be there. The Virtual Console too gains another title with Natsume's Legend of The River King classing up the joint.

Australia misses out on Nano Assault Ex.. what a disappointment.

3DS eShop

Retail Castlevania: Lords of Shadow - Mirror of Fate - $TBA

Virtual Console Legend of The River King - $6.50

Wii Virtual Console

Virtual Console Metal Slug 4 (D4 Enterprise) 900 Nintendo Points


    "classing up the joint" - OH YEAH! :D

    Wii U owners - load up the wii virtual console, then download the game like every other wii user :P

    definitely getting the new Castlevania 3DS game!! XD loved Lords of Shadow for my PS3!!!

    And yet another week of the Wii U collecting dust... Sure it will gain momentum in time but hard waiting!

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