Aussie Nintendo Store Update -- Monster Hunting

You know some weeks we lament the lack of content on the eShop, this week though there is a clear abundance of content for both the 3DS and Wii U eShops. It's actually quite impressive.

The big feature game this week is of course Monster Hunter 3 Ultimate for both the 3DS and Wii U, finally a game to play after two months of nothing. The game isn't officially on the stores until Saturday until then though you might be able to enjoy something else up on the store.

The other games on the Wii U this week are the much improved and definitive version of Need for Speed Most Wanted, it's a little pricey on the eShop so you might want to consider seeking out a retail copy if this doesn't suit. On the retro side of things Punch-Out!! from the NES is the next 30c Virtual Console game to be released, you should look into getting it.

But wait the Wii U updates aren't done yet, Ubisoft has a MASSIVE sale on their Wii U lineup with some impressive pricing, especially on ZombiU and Assassin's Creed 3. Little Inferno is again on sale as well.

There isn't as much on the 3DS compared to the Wii U this week, which makes a change but what is up there is top quality. Like the Wii U, Monster Hunter 3 Ultimate is here along with all tools you'll need to play it online through the Wii U and transfer your save to the Wii U version. Pokedex 3D Pro is also on sale and there is meant to be a HarmoKnight demo up, however it wasn't there at the time of writing.

So what say you, is this not the best update you've seen in a while?

Wii U eShop

Game Download Monster Hunter 3 Ultimate (23rd) — $79.95 Need for Speed: Most Wanted U — $89.95

Virtual Console Punch-Out!! — $0.30

Utility Monster HunterTM 3 Ultimate Packet Relay Tools for Nintendo 3DS (23rd) — Free Monster HunterTM 3 Ultimate Data Transfer Program (23rd) — Free

Special ZombiU — $44.95 Assassin’s Creed 3 — $44.95 Just Dance 4 — $29.95 Marvel Avengers: Battle for Earth — $29.95 Rabbids Land — $29.95 Sports Connection — $29.95 Your Shape: Fitness Evolved — $29.95 Little Inferno — $4.99

3DS eShop

Game Download Monster Hunter 3 Ultimate (23rd) — $69.95

Game Demo HarmoKnight — Free

Utility Monster HunterTM 3 Ultimate Packet Relay Tools for Nintendo 3DS (23rd) — Free Monster HunterTM 3 Ultimate Data Transfer Program (23rd) — Free

Special Pokedex 3D Pro — $15.60 down from $19.50


    3DS pricing is out of touch with reality

      It's just as bad on the PSN or XBox Live for Digital releases.

        True, but when they're pricing a 3DS game the same as a full price new release for consoles - they're just taking the piss!


          I also love how the PSN still charges $109.95 for Battlefield 3. It's not even the Premium edition.

            Good lord! ive seen some shockers on Games on Demand but nothing that hideous

    Still waiting for the Fire Emblem: Awakening demo.

      Still want to know why we're waiting another month... ugh.


          English was done two months ago, Japanese version was released a year ago. Granted PAL means there's a bunch of European languages to include, but yeah, they've had a year..... Good news is, Pokemon is getting released simultaneously so I guess that's an improvement.

    Oh my, finally games and sales. I have been waiting months! and even more next week.
    Luigi's mansion and lego city :D

    Christ, I'm pretty sure those prices are even more expensive than first day EB or JB release prices. Think they were selling for something like $64 on release at those stores?

    Ugh. We get Punch-Out and Japan gets Mother 2. I love that Nintendo are giving out Virtual Console for on 30c, but it's EarthBound. They replace it with Punch-Out, not even an equal SNES game, like Super Mario RPG.

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