Aussie Nintendo Store Update: Undercover Brother

So if last weeks eShop updates weren't impressive enough, this week will knock your socks off again. There's one huge update for the Wii U but the 3DS gets everything else and it's entirely awesome.

On the Wii U you've got the downloadable version of Lego City Undercover, a game you should be playing whether you download it or buy it in stores.

To the 3DS list and it's a doozy. You've got the long awaited Luigi's Mansion 2 as the tent pole title. Again, if you don't get this one - you're missing out. I've been playing it all week and it's fantastic.

Elsewhere you've got Harmoknight to download, Harvest Moon on the Virtual Console and a Fire Emblem Awakening demo.

The great escapeVektor is also on sale, that's at 50% off. There's also a new tool to transfer physical saves from cards to downloaded versions of digital games, which might come in handy with four new back catalogue titles becoming digital downloads.

So it's Easter this weekend, you have my permission to download a ton of games and eat a lot of chocolate until you're sick in the stomach.

Wii U eShop

Game Download Lego City Undercover ($79.95)

3DS eShop

Game Download Luigi's Mansion 2 ($69.95) Code of Princess ($X) — You will need to switch to the UK store and download this one as it won't be released in Australia. Harmoknight ($19.50) Resident Evil Revelations ($39.95) Resident Evil The Mercenaries 3D ($15.95) Tom Clancy's Splinter Cell 3D ($29.95) Heroes of Ruin ($34.95)

Special escapeVektor ($6.50)

Demo Fire Emblem: Awakening (Free)

Virtual Console Harvest Moon (GBC) ($6.50)

Utility Save Data Transfer Tool (Free)


    I would be playing Lego City Undercover but a combination of the nearest retailer being a 5hr round trip, easter holidays and the download being 22GB and not having enough room makes me upset

      hang on a damn minute... a lego game for the WiiU (the weakests of the 5 platforms) requires 22gb?

        Haha nice try, troll.

          I thought he had a good point.

            u wot m8? what point did he make that was good?

            Last edited 29/03/13 3:42 pm

              A slow ass, laggy 22gb game that would run better on a ps3.

                How do you know it would run better? also, the Wii U isn't weaker than the PS3.

                Last edited 17/05/13 9:18 pm
      Though you cannot tell it is for Lego City Undercover much the same way I cannot tell if you are being sarcastic or are in genuine disbelief

    Oh hey Harmoknight is out? Awesome.

    Probably won't be buying it, but I want to play it.

    WHEN THE HELL IS Nano assualt EX coming to Australia 3ds??????????

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