Beyond: Two Souls Is Coming October 8, Just Got Dafoe'd

Sony has just revealed that Beyond: Two Souls will be bringing its innumerable polygons to PS3 on October 8. The announcement eschews any mention of PS4, but does have some extra flavour. Dafoe flavour. Yes, the rumour that Willem Dafoe is part of Quantic Dream's ambitious title is true, despite David Cage's denial of the fact last year.

Dafoe will take on a starring role opposite Ellen Page, playing a scientist and seeming father figure to her character. Finally, the Green Goblin and Kitty Pryde will meet. I do hope Beyond makes its way to the PS4, just so we can see the old-man-face tech Cage showed off at Sony's recent event applied to Dafoe's unsettling rictus. Take a look at the behind-the-scenes clip above to see what shooting the game looked like, and what Willem Dafoe looks like covered in tiny dots.


    Another one to add to the list of celebrity 'cameos'

    One of the main reasons I bought a PS3 last year followed up by the kingdom hearts remakes

    Pretty awesome that they can get a thespian like Dafoe involved. This is a guy with some serious cred. I'm not a big believer of David Cage and quite frankly I think he comes across as a supreme douche bag, but that's not to say I don't think he can't offer gaming anything.

    Also, I can only imagine how hard it'd be to perform with those dots on your face. With barely any props and only the other actor/character to bounce things off of. Assuming the performances are good, it's a pretty amazing achievement making it look genuine.

    When they made the decision to Dafoe the game...

    There was a firefight!

      I got that one, very clever.
      Symbolism, the word you were looking for was symbolism.

    Anyone notice that his name sounds like a frog arguing with a parrot?

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