BioShock Infinite Cosplay Is As Impressive As The Actual Game

Last year, cosplayer Anna Moleva did such a good job role-playing as BioShock Infinite's Elizabeth that developers Irrational Games offered her a job marketing the game.

If you were wondering what comes next, here's the end result, from a photo shoot that took place back in Janury. It's a strange world we're living in, but if we're given a choice between boring trailers, Facebook tie-in games or this to help market a video game, I know which I find the most impressive.

You can check out Evan's review of the game, which he liked very much, here.

BioShock Infinite [DeviantArt, via Cosplay Blog]


    Is it bad I preferred her other pics?

      you mean the one with the cleavage?

    The pictures match Elizabeth wonderfully. Awesome work to have for cosplayer.

      They're insanely well done, I think she looks brilliant as Elizabeth, personally I liked her previous pictures more, maybe it was the cleavage giving it a sensual tone, maybe it wasn't, maybe it was the fact it was also pure cosplay and not marketing as well, but that doesn't mean I think these are bad, I think these are quite spectacular.

    no, i think her previous pics were better too.

    Didn't they also use Moleva as the model for Elizabeth's face in the game itself?

      I think i remember reading that they did slightly adjust the character model to her features. Not sure if its just in the pre-rendered parts, but i would hazard to guess it makes her look more realistic. I faintly remembering the earlier screenshots of Elizabeth looking just a little different.

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