Bioshock Infinite Street Date: One Copy Slipped Through [Updated]

We've just heard that Bioshock Infinite has broken street date in Sydney! Kinda, sorta, not really.

We got word a few minutes ago that a reader had managed to purchase a copy of the new Bioshock from a small games reseller in Alexandria, however the folks at multiple EB Games and JB Hi-Fi stores say that they'll still respect the street date of tomorrow.

If you can get yourself over to Gamelane in Alexandria right now then it looks like you can have one of your very own copies hours before it's meant to be out.

They certainly confirmed as much in a phone call just now and it's up on the Gamelane website for purchase.

Update: we just got off the phone with a spokesperson for 2K Australia. They have confirmed that one copy of the game has been sold. Gamelane has now removed all copies from shelves until the official sale time of tomorrow.

Thanks stwphen for the tip!


    Damnit JB... Break Street Date on Lego City Undercover...

    Breaking street dates. The only downside to Steam. Ah well.

      The street date is absolute with all PC copies. Got the original Bioshock ahead of time, couldn't play until servers authenticated. Not looking forward to replaying at some stage in the future.

        Actually that reminds me, what time is it unlocking in Aus? Midnight US time?

          According to my steam, "10 hours". Which would be 12am, South Australia time.
          But if you check the US Steam Store, it says "23 hours". So I would probably go with that one.

    Aww... don't tease like that! I'll wait 'til tomorrow.

    Anyone know Gamelanes opening hours? Wondering if its worth stopping by...

    The reason Luke posted this instead of Mark:

    "Hey Mark; the street date for Bioshock's just broken!"
    *Rapid comedic footsteps*
    *Door slamming*
    *Tyres screeching and car driving off*

      Or perhaps because Mark is/was at PAX East in Boston

        I'm pretty sure the above comment would still happen even if Mark is in Antarctica.

    Release date Infinite

    This store is right next door to EB Games in Rundle Mall, Adelaide. Although their imported copies.

    I was hanging out for this, but I pre-ordered it on steam and got X-COM for free and am loving that forgot about it coming out.

      Loving X-com as well. The 'one more go' is strong with this one. Didn't get to bed until 1am last night. But that's good cos I'm hitting the sack early tonight and up bright and early to check out Bioshock. Looking forward to it.

    People still buy games locally? No thanks, I won't be paying 109.95 or whatever it is they charge nowadays. I got GOW Ascension special edition and MG Rising for under $70 each with courier shipping from Asia. They each arrived on the local release date, so....*yawn* EB & JB and who ever else can continue to bite me.

    $89 for Bioshock Infinite from EB LOL. No thanks.

      Oh thats cute, you still think games are $109.95? Are we still in 2009? Bioshock Infinite is $79 at JB, and EB will usually price-match. Only 3 games at Wii U launch were more than $79.95, in fact for the first time in forever, 1st-party Nintendo games are retailing for less than the usual $99.95 and are $20 cheaper. Thats the recommended retail price set by the vendor, store like Big W and JB can afford to sell for less than RRP and make almost no money on each item because they stock a lot of other items at higher markup. The Aussie dollar is finally having a big impact on game prices and it seems you missed it. Forza Horizon was $20 less than Forza 4 at launch too. Its the importation of games (and the saving of maybe $10-$15 at the most) that causes retailers like GAME and Gametraders to axe heaps of stores and jobs. I choose to do the Australian thing, to shop locally, still find the best deal, support the Australian economy, support local jobs, keep the gaming industry thriving down under. Not send my money overseas, support a different economy, kill local jobs, kill the local gaming industry, and help lower local sales figures so publishers might think twice about even releasing games here. I'll be sure to pass on the nelson-style "Ha Ha" from you next time i meet someone sacked from GAME or Gametraders.

        See your point but at times brand new games can be as low as $39 overseas, compare that with our $79 and even $69 price points and the difference becomes harder to ignore.

        I'm not sure if you're aware, but your money goes overseas regardless. Australian developers didn't make Bioshock Infinite nor most of the games you own so paying inflated prices from EBGames might make you feel fuzzy but it does nothing for the Australian gaming industry.

        I'm not sure you understand the reasons GAME failed, either. If you 'buy local' at brick-and-mortar stores, most or all of the profit from your money ends up in the hands of Westfield, not the retail industry, not the store, not its employees. The biggest problem for Australian stores - by a long margin - is retail space rent, not overseas competition. This is a war being fought between retail and property; retail consumers have very little to do with it in the long run.

        Thanks to technology the retail industry is being forced to change, just the same as the music and film industries before it. You can dress up your patronage of physical stores as some sort of patriotic 'help Aussie stores' mantra if you want, but all you're really doing is trying to justify the propping up of companies with an outdated business model instead of having them evolve to suit the market. It's the equivalent of saying 'I only buy physical CDs because the music industry is having a hard time with all this piracy and I want to support them'. Fortunately consumers are trending in the other direction so the impact you're likely to have on the industry is minimal.

        Last edited 26/03/13 5:50 am

      $52 for Infinite on consoles and $38 for PC at - $46 for GOW: Ascension and $46/$48 for MG Rising. Buy $60 worth and the shipping's free. That's why people buy games locally.

    That lucky bastard :P

    Stay away from Gamelane online ordering, one time I pre-ordered a game from them months in advance and they didn't have enough copies to send out on launch, in fact I had to wait 2 weeks before it SHIPPED.

      Theyve sent me the wrong game twice abd refused to refund.

    Man, people seem to go crazy demanding retailers to break street dates... Poor retail employees.
    A release date is there for a reason. Just f**king wait. Oh, btw, I already have a copy of Bioshock Infinite and it's kinda okay...

      The game wasn't unlocked yet when you made this post, so how would you know it's 'kinda okay'?

        ps3, european version (whatever that is)

          Fair enough. I managed to get an hour of the game in last night and it's great fun so far. Very beautiful game.

            Gameplays slightly outdated for me. But i agree, super pretty design.

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