BioShock Infinite: The IGN Review: The Kotaku Review

We've been playing BioShock Infinite, but we can't tell you about it just yet. In order to get our early copy, we agreed to stick to the embargo set by publisher 2K Games, which is up on Monday.

But we can tell you about IGN's review of BioShock Infinite, which went live tonight. So above you can find our Official Kotaku Review* of that review.

*Warning: review may not be an Official Kotaku Review. Kotaku holds no responsibility for any damages that may occur to anyone thinking that this is an Official Kotaku Review.



    Typical IGN.
    Copy/paste of the console review for the PC review... except .1 higher in score for PC.

    No mention of PC specific features, no word on graphics options, potential FOV issues, mouse control issues, inconsistent performance... all the general things that plague PC ports.

    Thankfully I didn't pay for Bioshock Infinite, so even if it's a let-down it doesn't matter.
    Thanks AMD's 7xxx card free games promotion!

      I'm no fan of IGN, but the review mentions that the PC version looks a lot better and that the game is much better with a keyboard and mouse. Doesnt sound like a half-hearted port at all.

        Mmm yeah, looks a lot better and going into some kind of depth as to why are different things though, along with FOV which is a huge issue for many PC gamers.

        Every FPS is better with keyboard and mouse, but mouse control on a lot of ports have strange overly sensitive movement even on the lowest setting, mouse smoothing, acceleration, inconsistent sensitivities on X and Y... and so on.

        I guess I just expect more from a review directed toward a PC version. :p
        All good, I guess I'll see it for myself next week... if AMD ever send my cd-key. :/

    I'd laugh is Kotaku came back with a review below 5/10.
    The game looks pretty, but the gameplay looks very bland... again

    You guys sure are hyping up this game A LOT

    My console copy shipped last night - I'll laugh mightily if it arrives by launch day. I might stroll past EB, just to see if they're selling it at double what I paid...*

    * they almost certainly will be

    I lost interest when I saw one of the first "gameplay" videos and it seemed to consist entirely of a cutscene. Do they realise cutscene ≠ gameplay?

    Looking forwards to this, bought it on steam so got the original Bioshock and XCOM for free.....I refuse to speculate on anything about this game, an innocent comment I made about Bioshock turned out to be the major twist in the game and a lot of people got angry at me (it was internet angry so that doesn't really count)

    I bet Elizabeth has some sort of a twist. Like she's actually the main antagonist or some shit like that.

    Did IGN break the embargo? Or is there some special deal with them? I'm sure the game will be awesome, but am curious about the creditability of that review.

      They made a special deal. You are certainly right in questioning its credibility. Its not worth reading.

        Yep, waiting to see some real reviews on this one.

        I didn't play the first two Bioshock games (I know, what's wrong with me etc etc) so I don't have any OMG Must Play emotions on this. But this year so far the only game I've bought is Ni No Kuni, and this looks like the best candidate for a game I'll enjoy until at least June, but I always get nervy about games from hyped franchises. For every Uncharted 2 or Portal 2 or Deus Ex Human Revolution there's a dozen Deus Ex Invisible Wars.

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