Borderlands 2 Is Getting A Second New Game Plus Mode Next Week

Borderlands 2 Is Getting A Second New Game Plus Mode Next Week

If you’ve played Borderlands 2 to completion and then played it through to completion a second time on True Vault Hunter Mode, and you’re still looking for more, you’ll be happy to hear that the game is getting something of a new game plus plus mode.

It’s called Ultimate Vault Hunter Mode, and you’ll have to be at level 50 to run through on what will essentially be a third playthrough. This official third playthrough means, of course, that the difficulty will be scaled much higher. Gearbox announced the news today at their PAX East panel.

The update comes out next week on April 2. Best news, though? It’s a completely free update.

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  • NIce!… This was the one thing terribly lacking with the Borderlands and Borderlands 2… A proper Playthrough 3.

    • …how can it be a negative thing that you don’t want to play through a third time with the same character?

  • Uh… I have to ask, in a game with 5 different playable characters (with apparently another one on the way) why would you want to play the entire game through THREE TIMES with the SAME character? Especially as it’s much longer than the original and there’s so much DLC available.

    I mean, I’m not complaining and I guess some people appreciate the biggest challenge they can find, but I don’t see myself (or most people) ever using this. The game isn’t THAT good that I’d want to replay it THAT many times.

    • I have to agree, i got half way through TVM then they release the first new character so i started from scratch and lost interest about half way through.

    • You’ve obviously never played an ARPG before… You pretty much just keep playing through for a greater difficulty and more and better loot. Unlocking a third playthrough in Borderlands 2 allows you to continue farming the content you’re already farming, but do it from the beginning instead of just picking random bosses to farm.

    • Honestly, it’s no different to say, Diablo 2. Four difficulty playthroughs, a handful of characters, and loot hunting. And people played this for years.
      It’ll be fun to have something other than legendary farming to do with my lv 50s, honestly. A full, max level playthrough will be awesome.

    • Challenges I guess. It’s pretty much like playing Diablo 2 all the way to Hell difficulty with that one assassin you just have to have the best armour for.

  • Awesome, maybe if I kill the warrior a few hundred times on ultimate vault hunter mode, I MIGHT actually get the feckin conference call

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