Borderlands 2's Level Cap Will Go Up To 61 On April 2

At Gearbox's PAX East panel today, the developers of Borderlands 2 announced that players maxed out at level 50 will finally be able to get to levelling their characters again. As of April 2nd (next week!) you can download what is basically DLC for 11 extra levels (that's up to 61).

But it'll cost you $US5 for the add-on, unless you've got that nifty season pass.

The add-on will also come with the return of the Pearlescent weapon type, which was a set of high-level weapon drops and an extremely rare find in Borderlands 1. We haven't seen this weapon type in the sequel yet, but if you download the add-on next week, you might see it pop up here and there if you're lucky to find one of those crafty little guns.

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    Hells yeah. Borderlands 2 has to be one of the most well thought out and stylistically complete games i've EVER played. It makes me proud to be a gamer as opposed to most mass produced 'just get it done on time' bs.

    Keep up the good work <3

    Pearlescent weapons? Oh yeah! Now I'll have a whole new range of gear to be disappointed at never finding!!! Oh well it might make legendaries more common

    I don't understand why people aren't flaming Borderlands like they do any game from EA. Pay for the game, then the season pass for partially complete expansions that were riddled with bugs. Now they have released "Season Pass 2" with the lure of the level cap increase that was initially hinted at being released in the first season. Now don't get me wrong, I love the game and I played the original to death. I just expected better, I guess...

      Yeh.. Season Pass 2.. just ridiculous.. the first was sold saying you'll basically get all the future DLCs.. even though they didn't say that directly.. just that you'd get the 4 (or whatever) planned DLCs.. but it was advertised very cleverly to suggest it would be all the DLC..

      There's a point at which you kinda make enough money off a title to not have to keep charging for little tiny DLCs all the time.. if they were epic "expansions" on the game.. fine.. but not like what we've seen to date.

      Where are you getting "Season Pass 2" from?

      This article, and article from other sites confirm that the level raise will be included in the original season pass.

        I answered this question on Mannotron's reply down the page.

      You should probably learn how to read.
      The level cap will be free to everyone who has the first season pass. So will the next piece of story DLC (Tiny Tina's Bunkers and Badasses).
      They haven't released Season Pass 2 yet, at all. Nobody's been 'lured' into anything. Season 1 is still not finished.

        Season One has expired, Season Two is now on Steam. Note the article never stated which "Season" pass was required, by chronological release I will assume it will be Season Two. If it rolls by and is in fact season one I'll admit defeat, but until then all the evidence points towards being leached for moneys...

    I wonder how this will go down with those who don't have the season pass. I don't think charging $5 is the best way to introduce something players have been wanting for a while. I see this going very wrong for Gearbox.

    People do Flame Gearbox about this. They go ignored because Memelands 2 is so funny and epic XD.

    Sucked in to all the people bitching at not wanting a lvl raise.

    Why do they have level caps at all? I mean.. the guns are all procedurally generated.. you don't have to have skill points given as long as the stats keep going up etc.. This is not an MMO.. sure it has multiplayer.. but yeh.. why? Can someone explain why?

      More levels let you have more skill perks. Say you roll a Soldier in a tank spec, you can now go and put some points in a damage tree without ruining your current build.

    Gearbox said it was something to do with numbers and the fact they actually didn't program in a way to just keep increasing item and player stats past 50 into the game.

    good news but still no inven boost? oh well time to switch out all those lv50 golds with new goodness

    Played this co-op with a mate when it came out. The game on its own was MASSIVE.
    Didn't need any season pass stuff. Didn't buy it, cause yer games finished no need to play again.
    I tried a few times playing single player but I don't know, just not the same with the guns that never seem to be powerful enough cause enemies that you have to head shoot 20 times but can kill you in one shot is annoying.

    This might get me to go back in and play some more Borderlands 2. Great game but the DLC was kinda 'meh' this time around compared to General Knoxx and Claptrap's robolution. I liked the Pirate-themed DLC but I lost interest after that. Levelling up will bring back some of the fun!

    I think that's complete douchebaggery if they don't increase the level cap for free. I can say that cuz I actually do have the season pass. I don't think it's fair. Didn't they allow free level cap increases in the original Borderlands? Also, how do they expect people to co-op with each other if they got different level caps?

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